Oi Sze Audrey, tutor in Causeway Bay
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I have started teaching since 1995 and finally I settled myself on private teaching because it really is my cup of tea and found the sense of satisfaction and achievement in my works. With the accompany of my advice and guidance and encouragement as well, my students really made it and received the report with flying colours, those significant result could promote them to a brighter future, like entering a higher banding school, on the right track of learning English, less setback or negative feelings on English so on and so forth. I found it meaningful to work with the hands of my students who are very eager to be responsible and try to be good.


My advantages of being a private teacher, of course, are related to my professional background on working as a primary education sector for at least 15 years of full time teaching. For the past 20 years or more, I came across different kinds of education reforms , like TOC,learning to learn…… that‘s why I could tell the requirement of Hong Kong local primary schools on English aspect.


I could face the students one by one and diagnosed their strengths and weaknesses on study English. The basic things I could do for them are pinpointing their challenges and the gaps between their abilities and the requirements of school they need to meet at the moment. As an experienced Private teacher, I can tailor-make the strategies and carry out for them. To reach the expectations of most of the parents‘ wish, I must set the goals for the students in term of the exam- oriented approach.


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Hong Kong True Light Middle School


Hong Kong Baptist University


master degree of Art。 English for Specific Purposes


I am a middle aged teacher, education is the only field I have been working with for my entire life. Through the past several decades, it was very tough for most teachers and the changes in education sector stimulate our reflections on teaching children. I am very pleased to learn about the children‘s and families’ situations,and very proud to take part in teaching or helping them to learn. Although I obtained quite a number of teaching methodology, I discovered teaching young people dynamic and requiring patience and reflections a lot. That‘s why my experiences of teaching are the same important as my qualification. I think I am lucky myself to be part of this profession.


Honestly, the tutoring experiences are quite different from those at schools. Not only to spot out and overcome the difficulties with the students, I also have to reflect the progress and existing problems with their parents. Parents behave diversely and have various expectations, that need to negotiate clearly with them about their children. the interactions are dynamic, I grow up when understanding their points of views. I have been gaining from both the adults and children indeed.


Kindergarten, Primary


英文, 廣東話


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