Siwoo, tutor in To Kwa Wan
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Verified Tutor


One of my students told me that I was a great teacher who helped her learn a lot. That was the time I felt proud. I always try to give all knowledge I have to them. Being a good tutor to a student is the thing I enjoy the most.


Since I taught many subjects to various age groups, I am capable of dealing and communicating with different ages. Specifically for students who are around six or nine years old, they find it hard to focus in class. Thus, I learned to provide interesting lessons to them. Moreover, as their abilities varied too, I was able to learn how to teach efficiently and effectively according to their levels.


A tutor obviously should be able to teach a student with correct knowledge and with effective methods. I have worked as a tutor for primary school students and as English teacher in English Centre in Korea. I have learned that except for providing lessons with good quality, I should also be a tutor who can guide students to a better path. I believe a tutor can help find their dream and make their dream come true. Moreover, a tutor can make them realize what is important in their lives.


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Delia Memorial School Glee Path


City University of Hong Kong


Top 10 from form 4 to form 6


I am Siwoo KIM, and I am Korean. I came to Hong Kong when I was 13, so it has almost been 10 years. I went to a local school without being able to speak any of their languages. I learned English by myself, and lack of language skill was an obstacle for me to get a good grade in school. Few years of self-learning allowed me to get satisfying results, and that motivated me to think of helping students with their studies. I took HKDSE, which was challenging to me, as a foreigner and a self-learner. Fortunately, I got into Computer Sciences in City University of Hong Kong, and after year 1, I switched my major to Biological Sciences which always was my only interest. These experiences made me grow a lot, and allowed me to broaden my horizon.


I started to tutor students since 2019. In 2019, I taught a student Korean in Hong Kong for two months. Then in Korea, I worked as a tutor in an Education Centre, teaching English, Korean Language, and maths of Secondary level to primary school students. That was for around half year. The most recent one was to teach English Language in English Centre for primary level to adults, in Korea, from February to August 2022. I taught different subjects to different ages, and that allowed me to learn a lot, such as how to deal with young ages.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE




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