Franchesca Janae, tutor in Discovery Bay
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Verified Tutor


With my tutoring experience, what I enjoyed most was watching my student progressively improve and show more interest and passion in what they were learning. It has also helped me as an independent learner, improving my academic performance, retention, and personal growth. I enjoyed being able to help others in need, especially with subjects they are passionate about and eager to improve in. Being a tutor gives you the skills you need to help people, and I enjoy being that vessel to help students feel valued and assured.


I am a very hardworking and driven student, so as a tutor, I would be driven, motivated, and have the patience to cater to students' learning needs. I can easily adjust my teaching style based on each student's needs since no learning style fits every student.


Tutors need to be excited about learning and have a passion for it. So, all tutors must have a charismatic, enthusiastic, and captivating personality to keep students engaged. A good tutor should be able to work through different struggles and obstacles that students face. All students have different strengths and weaknesses, and tutors must demonstrate patience and stay determined to cater to all student's learning needs. Lastly, a good tutor must empathize with all students and be attentive listeners and communicators. Ultimately, the most important thing tutors must do is build a strong relationship with students to ensure they feel valued.


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Discovery College


Lingnan University


High School Diploma (International Baccalaureate)


Attending a diverse international ESF school for 13 years, I have developed valuable academic skills, including problem-solving, and have overcome many obstacles demonstrating my determination and resilience in facing challenges. Thinking critically is a skill that I value in our generation, and how our choices can influence how we view the world. Being exposed to an international school environment has allowed me to improve my communication skills, leading me to show empathy for others around me. Besides academics, my hobbies revolve around the arts. I love music, painting, sketching, and reading novels in my spare time.


In 2021, I was given the opportunity to be a piano tutor for a family friend's daughter. In these 11 months of tutoring, I was able to grow my tutoring/teaching skills and build a strong, loving relationship with my student. I would teach 1 hour every week and provide music sheets, songs, and homework for my student to complete.


Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary




網上補習, 上門補習, 圖書館上課, 公衆場合