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The world's first AI powered university admissions platform

ITS Education Asia is the first school in Hong Kong to make Appli available to prospective UK university students. Supported by the University of Oxford, it uses powerful software to tell candidates their percentage chances of getting offers to a range of top universities for top courses.


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UK university select international students in different ways

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Applicants are left in the dark

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They submit poor applications with low chances of success

Sitting with an ITS counsellor, you will decide the course you want to apply to and put in your current grades and predicted grades. Appli then produces your personalized report with your chances of getting an offer and how those chances improve as you improve grades.

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We can then decide on what other support you may need to achieve the destinations you desire and build a completely personal university approach for you, either through one of our packages or by adding any of our services such as:

  • personal statement support
  • predicted grades
  • reference letter
  • tutorial for school IB subjects
  • adding an A-level
  • taking entrance exams
  • interview prep

UNIVERSITIES Aberdeen Bath Birmingham Bristol Cambridge Cardiff Durham
Chemistry >90% 75% 70% 19% <10% >90% <10%
Physics >90% 49% <10% 64% <10% >90% <10%
Chemistry onegrade improvement >90% 89% 85% 31% <10% >90% <10%
Physics onegrade improvement >90% 84% <10% 81% <10% >90% <10%

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