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FAQ | Ezy Tutor Hong Kong

Some frequently asked questions...

Some frequently asked questions

Q: How do I book a lesson?

A: Simply give us a call at Hong Kong       

Tel.: (852) 2116 - 2587 or whatsapp 46263208 or

fill in an online form at 

https://www.itseducation.asia/ezytutor/for-parents/about-ezy-tutor  or

send us an email at   [email protected].  We will contact you as soon as possible within our office hour (Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm) to follow up. You can also have a look at our tutor profiles to check out their individual profiles and areas of expertise too.

              https://www.itseducation.asia/ezytutor/en/for-parents/tutor-profiles .

                  Tutors Profiles

 Q: How do I know if I need more lessons or not?

 A: We understand that different subjects will have different tutoring needs, especially in terms of tuition length. We have a team of education specialists to discuss this matter in depth. Please call (852) 2116 2587 or email  [email protected] for discussion.

Q: What is the class size?

A: We strongly recommend one-to-one lessons as they are more effective. It helps both the student to focus as there are fewer distractions, while tutors can pay full attention to one student and they don't have to share their time with another. Important learning features such as though process and work habits can be easily address, giving students a complete and rich learning experience. If you would like to have a group class, please contact us for more details and arrangements.

Q: Do you offer trial lessons?

A: Absolutely, and that is what makes our service unique! You are entitled a one hour trial period to "test out" your tutor. If you don't like it, you don't need to pay for it - no commitment, no risk. You can also use this time to check if the tutor matches your style - we believe that matching tutor and student characteristics are of utmost importance to a successful academic journey. During your trial, if you feel that you don't click with a tutor, simply contact us and arrange another tutor at no cost.

Q: Can I organize my lessons outside of my home (e.g. library, coffee shops)?

A: Absolutely. Most would prefer the tutoring to be done at home as it is the most convenient for the student. However, if you want to arrange otherwise, we are totally happy to accommodate to your desired location. 

Q: What do I do if I am not happy with my current tutor?

A: Give us a call at (852) 2116 - 2587 and tell us why you are not happy. We will always adjust to your learning needs as applicable. 

Q: How do I pay for my lessons?

A: A range of payment options are available on our online platform. 

Payment options:

- Bank transfer

- Paypal

- Hang Seng Fast Payment System

Payment details are included on every invoice. Each invoice includes a link to the client portal where payments can be made.

Q: Where do I go if I wanted to stop using your services?

A: You can cancel your service any time by sending us an email or giving us a call to let us know. There are no cancellation costs, just make sure to provide 24 hours notice to your tutor.

Q: Is there any guarantee that you can help me achieve a certain grade?

A: As much as we would like to guarantee you the top grades for everything, it is important to emphasize the unpredictable nature of examinations and student effort outside of class. You can rest assured that we will be giving our absolute best efforts to deliver quality tutorials, but to get the best out of the learning students must put in time outside of lesson time, too. Again, you can talk to our academic consultant team for this or any related issues here    [email protected]  or  (852) 2116 -2587.  Nevertheless, we can guarantee that our services will be the best you have experienced, even if we cannot - no one can, or should - guarantee you with a grade. 

Q: How good are your tutors? Why can't I find other ones online myself?

A: Our tutors are all personally interviewed and selected by us through a rigorous interview process, which means that you are guaranteed to have only the most qualified and experienced tutors to teach you - there is no such risk of arranging a tutor online yourself and discover that he/she is under-qualified or inadequate. Most of our tutors are at least a college student and many having Master and Doctoral status, often along with other professional qualifications such as TESOL. Most importantly, they are passionate in their field of study and are willing to share their knowledge, as well as helping student make progress in their leaning.  Tutoring is not just about a resume, it's about getting a good fit - someone who connects well with the student. That's where we come in and where it helps to have many tutors available

Ezy Tutor Asia can:

-  organise a tutor within 1-7 days from enquiry

- our matching process is data driven process to help ensure a suitable match them with the right tutor.

- the first hour is a trial - if it's not a 100% good fit we will organise a trial with another tutor at no cost.

- any extra needs e.g. additional subjects or extra exam prep or existing tutor unavailability during holidays etc we can easily remedy for them to avoid interruption to their studies... whatever circumstance pops up, we can find them a suitable tutor almost straight away

- we match their time/day preferences exactly

You can read individual tutor profiles by following this link  Tutor Profile

Q: Do you have anyone for tertiary level courses or other academic areas?

A: We have a selection of tutors with post-graduate qualifications that are able to deliver tertiary academic assistance. Please contact us at  Tel: (852) 2116 - 2587 or email us at  [email protected]  or any inquiry.