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1st Lesson Trial

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What do I enjoy most about tutoring?😁

I enjoy teaching students and sharing my own knowledge and experience to my students. For example, other than teaching the knowledge from textbooks, I am willing to share my learning tips, my own practice of making notes and my method of revision as reference for students. I also enjoy the sense of achievement when I can help my students to improve and clear their misunderstandings.

My Strengths as Tutor💪

I am familiar with the exam syllabus especially for DSE as I have taken the DSE in 2020. I am also responsible to prepare extra learning materials such as notes and exercises for my students. As I am studying speech therapy, I have experience in educating young kids as well as students with special educational needs. I am patient and willing to teach my students step by step. I love teaching and I am also good in communication which allows me to explain my ideas logically.

Most important things I can do for a student🏅

First and foremost, a tutor should engage student to learn. By giving interesting and interactive teaching, student will be motivated to learn. Also, a tutor should answer student’s questions and clear their misunderstanding. As clear understanding of concepts and theories is essential for achieving good grades in exam, tutor should allow students to ask and clear their concepts while teaching. In addition, providing extra practice for students is important to help student revise and brush up their knowledge after lesson.

Subjects Tutored🎓

  • Cantonese tutoring
  • English Language tutoring
  • Maths tutoring
  • Chemistry tutoring
  • Biology tutoring
  • Science tutoring
  • Integrated Science tutoring

Tutoring students in 👦 👧

  • p1
  • p2
  • p3
  • p4
  • p5
  • p6
  • s1
  • s2
  • s3
  • s4
  • s5
  • s6

High School Attended

St.Mary’s Canossian College

University Attended


Academic Achievements

Bachelor degree

About Me

家長您好,我是香港大學言語及聽覺科學(言語治療三年級)學生,中學就讀香港傳統名校(嘉諾撒聖瑪利書院)。性格開朗,善於與人溝通,並且耐心教導小朋友。 文憑試成績(2020年DSE考生) 考獲best 5 30/ best 6 35分 中文 5*/ 英文 5*/ 數學 5*/ 通識 5*/ 生物 5*/ 化學 5/ 經濟 5 ———— ✅可補小學(專科/全科)至中學學生 -初中: 全科/數學/生物/化學/英文 -高中: 數學/生物/化學 ———— ?三年私補經驗,熟悉中小學及文憑試考核內容並有大量筆記和練習 ?曾幫助不少師妹補習,希望能運用所學,讓學生能提升成績 ?上堂時間有彈性 謝謝家長閱覽和考慮 Hi, I am Serena. I am currently a Year 3 student studying speech and hearing sciences in HKU. I love teaching and I am good at communicating with people. I am thrilled to see improvements in my students’ performances. I have 3-4 years of private tutoring experiences with students from kindergarten to secondary school. I also have experience in teaching students with special educational needs. I am familiar with exam syllabus, especially DSE exam syllabus. I am willing to prepare teaching notes, exercises for my students and give out homework for revision after class. Lesson time is flexible for me as well.


I have 3-4 years of tutoring experience. I have taught students at kindergarten level. I tend to incorporate games within the lesson to motivate young kids to learn, such as some drawing activities and video watching. For primary school students, I have experience in teaching all subjects and also specific subjects like English and Maths. For secondary school students, I have experience in teaching English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology. I have done both individual and group tutoring. I am pleased to see great improvements of my students such as from fail to pass or even huge achievements of getting full mark in exam.

What I can Tutor

Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE

Languages in which I can give lessons

English, Cantonese Chinese

Services I Offer

Online tutoring, Home tutoring, Library, Local venue