Michael, tutor in Ap Lei Chau
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I enjoy tutoring because it is a process where I can see students growth and improvement over time. I understand the stresses that students go through as I have gone through this not long ago and I want to be a supportive, caring, yet knowledgeable tutor who understands students struggles and am able to help them through it.


I believe that one of my strengths is that I can bond well with students and make them feel comfortable as I am currently also a University student. This can allow students to ask questions comfortably without judgement, further developing their knowledge and even passion for the subject. Furthermore, because I am studying Medicine at HKU I could also be a role model for students who also want to study Medicine and I can give them application advice for UK and HK Medical Schools, as I have also been accepted to UK Medical Schools.


I believe the most important thing a tutor can provide a student is confidence. One of the most important aspects of taking an exam other than having the knowledge is to have the confidence in your answers and to not second guess yourself. I believe tutoring can help students to gain this confidence which would not only help them achieve better exam results by teaching them the knowledge but also for students to not have regrets after taking the exam, knowing they have tried their best.


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West Island School


The University of Hong Kong


IB Diploma


My name is Michael and I am currently studying Medicine at HKU and I have background experience in tutoring both Primary School and High School over the past 2 years. Other than having a passion for science based subjects, I am also interested in the arts and literature, which makes me a well rounded candidate to be able to teach many subject areas and to be able to bond with students of all backgrounds and interests. With my broad interest range, I could link seemingly mundane concepts to areas that students are interested in, increasing their fascination for the subject I am teaching.


I have tutored Primary School English, Chinese, Maths. I have also tutored iGCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology and IB Chemistry and Biology where my student received acceptance into CUHK and HKU Medicine.


Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, IELTS




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