Henry, tutor in North Point
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I have been a student before so I know how important tutors can be. I really want to share my experiences and knowledge with our future generation such that they can achieve their own targets despite countless obstacles. Being a tutor, I can also learn how to be a better teacher, train my communication skills as well as earn satisfaction while seeing students' remarkable improvement.


After high school, I continue my study with a bachelor's degree at HKU, which is MBBS, one of the most renowned and honoured degrees in Hong Kong. Compared to other tutors, I can share my one and only one study tips and methods which help me not only to flourish in DSE, but also to pass my MBBS final exam with distinction. I think my handy study experiences are invaluable.


I think the most critical and valuable thing a tutor can do is to share exam tips and learning experiences, Unlike solid knowledge, which can be acquired by textbooks or other methods, Experiences can only be gained through years of practice. As an experienced tutor and learner, I can share my precious learning experiences, students of mine can earn a few years ahead of their counterparts.


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Cheung Chuk Shan College


The University of Hong Kong




Hi, my name is Henry. My DSE results are as follows: Eng 5*(5**/5**/5*/5),Maths 5*,LS 5**,Chemistry 5*, BAFS(accounting) 5**, Biology 5. Best 5: 32/Best 6 with weighting: 44. I am currently studying MBBS at HKU and I passed my first final exam with distinction. I have one year of tutoring experience. Not only will I share my own notes and past papers but I also will share exam tips and error books that record those high-yield topics and their related questions. I can also share extra exercises and mock papers if needed to reinforce students' knowledge and skills.


I can vividly remember one of my students studying maths improves remarkably after my tutorials. At first, he was quite lost and did not know the correct way of mastering maths. After my gradual teaching and sharing of tips and tricks, he managed to love maths and pass maths exams with flying colours.


Primary, Junior Secondary, DSE


英文, 廣東話, 普通話


網上補習, 上門補習, 圖書館上課, 公衆場合