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Mike Li

Director Of US Admissions

Qualifications :


Subjects :

Mathematics, SAT/ACT, US Admissions Counseling

Mike entered the world of finance after the brunt of the last 2007-08 global financial crisis, working with investments into both private equity and hedge funds in Asia. For most finance professionals, work is characterized by a distinct lack of problem solving, the very quality of mathematics that attracts students when they are young. 

A little SAT teaching on the side became a full-time hobby then transformed into a passion for working with young adults on their path to university and beyond. His time is split between helping students master secondary maths and mentoring them as they reach for top universities in the US.

On becoming a teacher: 
I am teacher because my education has laid the essential foundation for how I self-identify, and I want to pass on what I know to the next generation. In math, I most enjoy helping students contextualize all of the tools that they are given and fostering their instincts for when and how to utilize tools. In writing, I enjoy deconstructing all of the generalizations, clichés, and popular opinions that have crowded-out a student’s voice, and helping them find their own center. I always want to learn more myself amd I believe that comes through in the way I work with my students.

An admirable person: 
Robert Heilbroner – for teaching me the value of history when approaching economics.

An inspirational person: 
Tom Waits – for purity of craft in an industry almost entirely corrupted by money.

Top tip to younger self: 
If you don’t know a word: travel into the future, get a mobile phone with data, take 10 seconds, and Google its definition. A word is not just a synonym for a simpler word – a learned word is another arrow in your quiver.


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