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5 Celebrities Fighting for Education Around The World

By ITS Education Asia

Borgen Magazine, an online magazine on Humanity and Politics, list 5 celebrities that are doing a great job of fighting for Education around the world.

  1. Shakira: founded the Pies Descalzos Foundationin 1997 after seeing the lack of education in Columbia. Her foundation works to provide greater educational access and overall quality of life to children in Columbia
  2. Pink: is a UNICEF ambassador and a strong supporter of UNESCO. These organizations fight for education for all children regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status.
  3. Dolly Parton:founded The Imagination Library in 1995 in Tennessee and since then it continued to expand into countries across the world. The Imagination Library is a program that mails free books to children until they are five years old.
  4. Angelina Jolie: an advocate for education reform around the world and keeping all kids in school. Furthermore, Jolie funds a primary school for young girls in Kenya to close the gap in education between girls and boys.
  5. John Legend: founded the Show me Campaign. The charity works to provide practical solutions for children and families in struggling communities throughout Africa.




Photo / Image Credit :

"An Insight, An Idea with Shakira" by World Economic Forum under licensed to (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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