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ITS is an amazing organisation and helped our family immensely. The teaching skills are fantastic and they genuinely care about their students. Our kids thoroughly enjoyed their time at ITS and all four kids received a combination of tutoring, full time education and testing. They all happily were accepted to the university of their choice in Canada.

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Dear Principal,

I have been very impressed and happy in the past with ITS's tutors as my daughter did her A-level Chemistry through your organisation, independently of her school. I now have a son whom I would like to enrol in French lessons with you. I have already registered him with your staff today, who were both helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks and best,

Sooni 06-2015


Koharu really enjoyed almost 4 years with the greatest teachers in ITS. This was a wonderful experience for her. She'll never forget it. We all thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,

Harue, Koharu's mum 06-2016

Dear Zoe,

Please extend my thanks to all the tutors. A. did well on Economics examination and N. did well on Psychology. He has passed the Economics, Maths and English.

Kind regards,

Mrs. Chan 06-2015

Dear Francine,

On behalf of my wife, Mikayla and myself we would like to thank ITS and especially John Whelpton for the Latin tuition over the past school year. Wishing you all a relaxing and fun summer break. Mikayla will return to classes in August. Thanking you,


Richard 06-2015

Dear Ruth and Sabrina,

Koharu has passed her assessment of Cheltenham lady's college. This came from all your dedicated work for Koharu. Thank you so much.

Best Regards,

Harue and Koharu 10-2015

Dear Danny,

I got a B in geography which turned out to be by best grade. Thank you for all your help, you really helped me through the exams. I have my place at Oxford Brooks. Thank you

Thank you,

Thomas 08-2015

I would like to thank ITS and Ronan's tutors over the years for all the help, guidance and support they have given him (particularly Dennis who is currently tutoring Ronan) - it has been very much appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

Dermot 03-2013

Dear Danny,

Thank you very much for remembering Anakin. He scored total 33 at IB. Psychology he either got 4 or 5. With ITS' support, he turned out to be much better than 28 estimated score. We are now speaking to Adrian, who will be in IB in one year time. Definitely we will leave him in your hands. All the best w/ you & ITS team.

Cissy & YK 09-2012

HI Edmund,

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for your guidance and help to Edmond for his Further Pure Maths study that he got A* for his January 2015 exam.


Mrs. Lo 03-2015

Dear Edmund,

I wanted to share with you that Kunal got his math result today and has scored 96.5% in maths. Thank you for your help in the sessions he spent with you.

Thanks very much,

Jyotika 03-2015

Dear Mr. Harrington,

I've been given a conditional offer for reading law in University College, Oxford and I would like to thank you for conducting mock Oxford interviews with me prior to the actual ones. They helped me a lot in the interview and you have my deepest thanks for giving me great preparation and advice!

Best Regards,

Anson 01-2014

Dear Ronald Lau,

I've just found out that I passed my exams! It turns out that I managed to get a lower second. This is a bit better than I thought I'd get so I'm quite happy that I manage to get a lower second. Thank you so much for your help. I do believe that my lessons with you helped me a great deal. I'd be happy to have a few lessons with you some time in the future.


Alex 06-2016

Dear Ms Poon,

Alessandra is going away to school in the UK so will as discussed not be able to continue with lessons. I want to add that Sabrina has been an excellent teacher and very good for Alessandra. Many thanks indeed to Sabrina for her help and the way she has taught Alessandra, excellent stuff. If possible and timings permit while back for holidays would very much like to continue to have Alessandra spend time with Sabrina.

Best Regards,

Marcus 06-2016

For the attention of Danny Harrington, Toni Baro and Xavier Daniel. Dear teachers, I'd just like to say thanks to you all for your very helpful tutoring! I managed to get 7s in all my HL (incl. bio and geo), 6 in Spanish, and overall 42 for my IB results. I'm most likely heading to Imperial College London for Biochemistry this coming October. I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to score this without your help and support - thank you so much once again!!! :D

All the best,

Laura Lau 09-2015

Dear Ronald,

Thank you for teaching me step maths. It was enjoyable learning step from you and I really benefitted a lot. I have significantly Improved my mathematical abilities. I'm proud of getting an 1 in both STEP 2 and STEP 3, I'm really glad I got them. Without those 1's I would not have gotten into Cambridge. My 1 in STEP was quite a low 1, only a little worse and I would of only gotten a 2. This would of resulted in me failing to get into Cambridge, so I'm very grateful for your help. Now it'll soon be time for me to go to Cambridge, I wonder how well I'll do there.

Best wishes,

Alexander Cooke 08-2015

Dear Mr. To,

My daughter has actually already completed her IB programme, scoring a 7 on the Language B: HL French course. Overall, she was able to attain 45/45 on her Diploma. Gracianne has been integral to my daughter's improvement and development in learning the French language. Having been her teacher from the very beginning, Gracianne supported Jun in her many academic endeavours, instilling in her a love for French, as well as the ability to communicate effectively in French. She is a phenomenal teacher and an attentive, efficient, caring personal tutor, and Jun owes her success in the IBDP to her teaching. Jun will be attending the University of Cambridge to read Human, Social and Political Science in October.

Many thanks,

Jun 08-2015

Hi Ronald,

I'm Andre and I was one of your students in Dec 2013. I had just set my goal to do Maths at Cambridge but the few sessions we had really opened my eyes to what real maths is all about (I clearly remember being impressed at the definition of a limit of a sequence) and I'd just like to thank you for that exposure that turned out to be so valuable. Your teaching was so effective, genuine and niche. I'll be starting the Tripos (*) at Trinity Hall this October! (*) I remember you asked why I wanted to study the 'Tripos', but I couldn't answer because I had no idea what it was at that time, I had to secretly google it midway through our session hahaha.

Andre 08-2015

Dear Danny,

Thank you very much for the support over the last year with Thomas' tutoring. I know you were one of the first people he wanted to contact this morning . Going from an E to a B took lots of great direction and hard work from Thomas. You gave him the confidence and subsequent amazing result to take him to Oxford Brooks I can not thank you enough.

Jo P 08-2015

I would like to pass on the good news on Makia's performance in the IGCSE Eng Lang paper - he got a A* (90%). Would like to convey my appreciation for your hard work and focus in getting Makia up the curve.

Aditya 05-2017

Dear Zoe,

I am happy to inform you that Alan is firmly accepted by LSE, Actuarial Science Department. Very many thanks for your help during Alan's hard time in his schooling journey. Without your help, Alan won't get his result at A*A*A(Maths Further Maths Physics). Please give my sincere gratitude to those tutors who have taught Alan before. I will refer those students who need UK A Level or IB tutoring to ITS without doubt.

With kind regards,

Mrs. Cheng 08-2016

Dear Ms Poon,

I would like to inform you that Wong Pui Yuen, Tony will have the IB examination in May, and therefore please release his time slot for Economic with effect from 1 May 2017. So Tony's last lesson for Economic will be 29 April 2017. On the other hands, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you very much for Mr Gary's teaching and care for Tony. Would you please send our sincere gratitude to Mr Gary. Of course, I also thank you very much for your assistance for these few years. Wish you all the best!

Best regards

Ms Wong 04-2017

I wish to thank you Mr Cooper for guiding Ryan and helping him with his English which has shown great improvement over the last year. Please send my sincere thank you and appreciation to Mr Cooper.

Mrs. Wan 02-2018

Dear ITS staff,

Ben is doing his last exam on Wednesday afternoon, so both remaining tutorials should now be cancelled. If I'm too late to cancel the Wednesday 5-6 tutorial, please tell me and Ben will attend anyway. However, the Saturday one should now be finished. Many thanks for your help. Please extend our gratitude to the tutors. If any exams need to be re-taken, we will contact you again.

Josee Colley 05-2017

Dear Sean, all

Eugenie was successful in her application to Delia School of Canada. Thank you and all the tutors for your help and support. Eugenie will complete her lessons on Monday and then please do not schedule any further lessons. I will be in touch about her needs, if any, once we have agreed her school programme. Please let me have an invoice for January when you can.

Kind regards

Paul Lynch 01-2018

Dear Ronald,

We were speechless when scrutinising the result slip of Milton from Sue this morning. Milton got full mark in C34 and also top mark in M1! We have not expected such fantastic result before. Your kind effort in coaching Milton during the past years contributed significantly to his amazing result. We would like to express our gratitude to you for your whole-hearted teaching of Milton!???? THANKS A MILLION!!!

Best Regards,

Cynthia & Stephen 01-2016

Dear ITS,

As long long nears his oct/nov examinations I wanted to send everyone at ITS a huge thank you. He feels he's had an extremely positive experience to date and ITS has far exceeded our expectations. From scheduling support to invoices to exam info to responding to queries and actual hands on tutoring, it's not a wonder ITS is such an easy choice to mainstream school! almost makes us feel we should have left kellett for ITS last year. :-) The 3 friend we've recommended to ITS also express similar views so all around everyone is very grateful for your help/support of our children! We thank you and are most grateful for all you do! please express our thanks to mr jack li also. Thank you so very very much!

Kindest regards,

Adrienne 09-2017

Dear ITS,

As long long nears his oct/nov examinations I wanted to send everyone at ITS a huge thank you. He feels he's had an extremely positive experience to date and ITS has far exceeded our expectations. From scheduling support to invoices to exam info to responding to queries and actual hands on tutoring, it's not a wonder ITS is such an easy choice to mainstream school! almost makes us feel we should have left kellett for ITS last year. :-) The 3 friend we've recommended to ITS also express similar views so all around everyone is very grateful for your help/support of our children! We thank you and are most grateful for all you do! please express our thanks to mr jack li also. Thank you so very very much!

Kindest regards,

Adrienne 09-2017

Dear Savannah,

I am regret to inform you that Adrian will not further his lesson with Timothy on Monday at six pm as he has to attend his tennis training. Please send my sincere gratitude to Timothy for putting effort on Adrian's Academic development. Thank you very much and hope you are all well.


Karen 03-2017

Dear Grace,

I am writing to inform you that Auwen, Dominic, and I would like to discontinue tutoring at ITS. The lessons were useful. However, the location is very far and quite inconvenient for us. Would it be possible for you to send us an invoice for the tuition fee so we can do a bank transfer? My parents say they have not received an invoice by email. Thank you so much!

Alice Fan 10-2017

Dear Mr Rowlands,

I am very pleased to tell you that I scored 45 in IB, including a 7 in English (full mark in paper 2, 17 in paper 1, 18 in WT, 26 in oral, which is 90 in total)! Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and bringing out the best of me. English has always been my weakest subject. Thank you for marking all my practise papers and giving me really useful feedback.I would not have done this without your guidance and inspiration. Best of luck to you and your family!

Yours Sincerely,

Daisy 07-2017

Hi! Zoe,

Makia has already informed Ronald I think, but there will not be anymore lessons going forward as Makia will be completing his final maths exams this week. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to Ronald for his good work in tutoring Makia.


Aditya 05-2017

Dear Angus,

Good morning! Mr. Lin wants to express his appreciations to Ruth, Sabrina and Mr. Chau of the lessons of his kids. Thank you for the assistance/arrangement during this Summer! We will keep on to make new bookings during Christmas for the 3 kids.


Kitty Law 08-2016


This has now been paid in full. Receipt attached. Thank you so much for your service over the last 3.5 years. It was life changing for James, Jeremy and the family. We will miss working with you. We with you all the best with your ongoing success.


Paul McConnell 07-2017

I would like to thank ITS and its tutors a lot for their professional help in the past three years. They have provided me unconditional support on academics and helped me not only to achieve the great grades on paper, but more importantly also shaped me into a better and more knowledgeable person in general.

Best regards,

Ryan Mak 07-2018

I went to Danny Harrington for geography tuition for my IB. I think that ITS offers an advanced way of teaching that not only informs the student of the required syllabus, but increases the self confidence of their students. On top of providing an in depth understanding, Danny used past papers to test my knowledge and to analyse any discernible trends in question type. This effective way of teaching helped me hone my knowledge, and gave me an indication of what areas to focus on. Most importantly, it taught me how to answer questions in the way examiners are looking for. I got a 7 for Geo in my IB exams. Thanks for all your help!


James 07-2018

Dear Anne,

This is Luca's mother, Camus. I am writing to share with you the good news that Luca is admitted to Malvern College (Year 1). We received the offer in the first week of November, 2 weeks after his interview in late October. I was delighted to see Luca was behaving confident and mature during the interview. He was able to hold it together and answer teacher's questions accurately. Thanks a lot for your teaching during the group class. Please pass my gratitude to Ms Christina as she had helped Luca a lot during both individual and group class. I can see Luca has benefited and learnt a lot in the interview prep class. Wish you a merry X'mas ahead.


Camus Chung 12-2018


I would like to take this opportunity to thank ITS and Ms Shum. Simone really enjoyed his lessons and his teaching approach was highly admired by her. Hopefully she will continue with ITS for IB next year.

Kind regards


Dulwich College Singapore

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