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Mock Exam Packages

  1. Scholar – take mock paper with marking.
  2. Mentor – take mock paper with marking and a live one hour lesson with marker to give feedback.
  3. Premiere – take mock paper with marking and a live one hour lesson with marker to give feedback. Three hours of additional lessons to go over and improve exam skills and key content.

*To assist us in preparing your mock exam(s), please provide us with the exam board, subject name/code, and specific unit when enrolling — for example, “Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level (IAL) History, Unit 4, Option 4C”*

**Please note you will get back your marked paper(s) but we will not release official mark schemes to you.**

Premiere packages should be booked approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the real exam to ensure enough time for feedback and improvement

Fees per exam paper

Exam Scholar Mentor Premiere
A-Level/IBDP $950 $1,700 $3,400
IGCSE/school $850 $1,500 $3,100

Need a mock exam in a different syllabus? SAT/AP

Need flexible learning support for your IGCSE or IAL exams?
Consider becoming a Private Candidate:

Benefits of taking a mock exam with ITS

  • Trusted feedback: ITS is an official Edexcel exam centre.
  • Convenience: choose your own time to sit the exam.
  • Time management: practice your time management.
  • Encouragement: mock tests have something instant to offer.
  • A second chance: if you do poorly you will know what needs doing for the real exam.
  • Your current level of preparedness: mock tests give you a clear idea of where you stand.
  • Assessment: you can assess your performance based on various criteria and know exactly which aspect(s) you need to improve.

ITS students, regardless of ability, outperform the UK average: see ITS students’ exam results here.

Predicted grades

A-level predicted grades may be needed for a variety of reasons including university applications, school applications or other report types. We give all predicted grades based on a mock exam plus an interview for non-ITS students. students using ITS for UCAS will have this as part of their package. ITS students also have predicted grades for subjects they are taught at ITS for a different centre. Students not learning at ITS will have the grade prediction issued on a letterhead after the full mock plus interview process is complete.

If you need predicted grades for other exam types, please contact us and we will see if we can help.

Candidate Per subject
Enrolled student at ITS $1500
Not enrolled at ITS $2500

For more information please call (852) 2116-3916 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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