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Mission Statement

  • ITS provides a nurturing and stimulating learning environment whereby, through focused individual assistance from experienced tutors, students can achieve their maximum potential and achieve the academic grades necessary to pursue the future they aspire to.
  • We are dedicated to providing a consistent quality of education that cultivates and nurtures students’ intellect at every stage of their academic lives, from the early years of school through to adulthood. Education and learning are broad and continual processes which are not vested purely within traditional forms and as such we happily tailor learning to the individual’s needs whether academic or vocational.
  • At ITS, we are continually responsive to any changes in the dynamic educational environment around the world that may affect our students. Our schools, educational consultancy and schools placement services aim to support parents through the myriad of choices they face.
  • ITS endeavours to provide an international educational environment which is enjoyable and rewarding to both teach and learn in, the rewards of which are not confined within the school. As such, we believe strongly in contributing to our local community and ensuring that education is accessible to all in society.
  • We are committed to the focused enhancement of knowledge and skills that are integral to successful accomplishment in both school and society, providing students with a sound academic foundation that serves as a platform for further intellectual growth and in turn fostering a better future.
  • We embrace the latest pedagogical developments and appropriate technological developments to provide a 21st century education that is relevant to our learners particularly through the use of blended learning in a FLIP learning environment using the three pillars of our schools and teachers, our online platform and the educational community via the internet more widely.
  • We are committed to sustainability which we reflect in both our teaching and our practice. We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aim to educate our students in how to live a sustainable future for people, planet and prosperity.

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