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Finding & Applying to UK boarding schools

ITS Education Asia provides access to UK boarding school placement services through a selected partner in the UK – Panoba - run by Debbie Gispan and Nicky Sakpoba.

The key benefits we offer are:

  • We work with ALL schools
  • No bias
  • Full focus on the best school for you and your child

We work closely with Debbie and Nicky to ensure that all aspects of your child[ren]'s application process are run with the highest level of professionalism and expertise – both before, during and after the actual application stage.

Debbie Nicky
Debbie & Nicky

Panoba are experts in school choice and will help you long-list schools, visit schools, short-list schools and finally schools. They will make sure that every part of the process is demystified and work with us and you to ensure each your children go to a school that is appropriate for them as individual learners.

Over the years, ITS has successfully helped many students by preparing them for interviews and selection tests. We have a near 100% record of them subsequently gaining admission into their first choice school through our entrance test preparation system conducted by our highly-experienced teachers.

If you are interested in applying to UK boarding schools, please contact us at [email protected] or 2116 3916 to schedule a meeting.

- all our admissions support is bespoke. You choose which services you need and to what extent and we will quote for exactly that. As a guide, you would be looking to engage us for any or all of the following:

Stage 1: Planning & Consultation

  • Initial meeting/skype with family, Panoba and ITS
  • Ascertain child’s current level & review academic reports at current school
  • Further discussions with parents regarding their expectations, specific criteria (location, co-ed or single sex etc.), personality, strengths, interests and capabilities of child
  • Panoba to draw up educational pathway including list of suitable schools, entrance criteria, exam dates, available places, timelines
  • Panoba to produce report and list of desired number of schools with admissions details
  • Panoba to send introductory email to parents and shortlisted schools
  • Parents to take over from there with registration process and visits

Stage 2: Implementation & Preparation

  • ITS provides academic support for interview and entrance test prep and liaises with school for the test invigilation.
  • ITS provides regularized Progress Reports and Feedback for Panoba
  • Panoba to arrange all logistics for family to visit schools in the UK including dates, times, transport, accommodation, travel plan
  • Panoba to accompany family to all visits and meeting with schools

Stage 3: Admission & Administration

  • Panoba to fully liaise with UK schools to organise registration payments, registration administration, liaising with Hong Kong/China schools or ITS to organise sitting exams, Ukiset etc.
  • Panoba to offer a full handholding service including unlimited discussions with family to make final choice, all necessary administration and assistance leading up to child starting school
  • Arrange appointments in UK schools for families to visit and exam dates
  • Follow up with schools and families after visits/exams
  • Liaise with parents for final choice of school

Continued Care package 
Panoba runs a support service once a child has started at a school called the Academic Progress Service. You can engage them to:

• be added as contact on all school correspondence, highlighting important dates and parents’ consultation dates.
• act as representatives of parents to meet teachers, tutors and house parents and attend the parent consultation meetings where parents are unable to attend in person
• report back to parents on academic progress and discussions held at parents’ consultations
• advise on where extra support or tuition may be required in conjunction with school and ITS
• be in contact with student’s house parents to ensure all their pastoral care and needs are met

Further points of note:

By UK Law, every overseas student studying in a UK boarding school is required to have a guardian. The role of a guardian is to act and make decisions on behalf of a student's parents, in the event of illness, accident, disciplinary action at school and such like. The guardian can, of course, be a family member or other trusted person known to you who lives in the UK. For families with no such connections, our partners can provide guardian arrangements through licensed providers. 

Government Overseas Education Allowance for Hong Kong Civil Servants 
Civil Servants who joined the Hong Kong government before 1996 are eligible to receive an Overseas Education Allowance if their child is studying in a UK boarding school. We are able to provide the latest information and help with the application procedure in regards to applying for the government’s Overseas Education Allowance. 

Continuous Education Support 
Panoba offers on-the-ground support. They will liaise with schools throughout the time that you child is there and ensure that all needs, both academic and pastoral are communicated back to you and us. They can help attend teacher conferences on your behalf. At ITS, our teachers follow up closely with students' academic progress when they return to Hong Kong during the holidays. We provide ongoing guidance and comprehensive support throughout a student's school career, from reviewing work to exam revision and practice, to supporting their university applications. Unlike traditional school placement agencies, the ITS & Panoba partnership is first and foremost an educational one with student welfare and academic achievement as our absolute priorities. Our primary concern is that all our students follow their desired pathways to learning. 

Other services: Debbie and Nicky are able to help you with a range of additional services which may complement your school search. You can enquire directly with them about your additional needs which may include:

  • UK Guardians
  • Study visa assistance
  • Summer Schools
  • Etiquette Training
  • Concierge Services e.g accommodation & transport arrangements while in the UK
  • Airport transfers between child’s school and UK airports
  • Property Services: Long and short-term rentals, holiday lets, property acquisition, property management
  • Relocation Services
  • Private and corporate events
  • UK Private Healthcare services
If you are interested in applying to UK boarding schools, please contact us at [email protected] or 2116 3916 to schedule a meeting.

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