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Finding student accommodation:

One of our biggest pieces of advice for when you are going away from home to a school, college or university in a different part of your country or indeed in an entirely different country is to remember that you are not just choosing a place to study but you are choosing a place to live.

So alongside the academics - course content, teachers, teaching style and so on - think about the location. What kind of climate do you like? How important is the food you eat and can you find what you need easily? How accessible is the place? What is there to do when you are not studying? And above all, what are the accommodation options?

For many schools, colleges and universities there may be some accommodation provided, especially in your first year. But it is increasingly common that you have to find you own accommodation for part or all of your course. So what kind of a place do you want? Modern or classic? Large or small? Shared or single? And what is your budget?

At ITS we aim to cover all your needs so we have teamed up with one of the world's biggest student accommodation search services - Amberstudent - to make your accommodation search as smooth as possible. You can browse options below and then either click through to ask Amber to put you in touch with the properties or, if you need extra advice on choosing and applying to universities as well as accommodation use the Contact Us button to book a free consultation with us.

If you click through from this website, then the property owner will offer you a cash back and/or other discount offers when you sign your lease.

If you need full university advice then:

Contact Us

Or else just start searching accommodation below (this will take you to the AmberStudent website).

Important: ITS Education Asia and all its affiliate companies are solely acting as an introducer to the AmberStudent search service. ITS Education Asia has no contact with, or interest in, any of the properties or property owners offered by AmberStudent. ITS Education Asia gives no warranties and accepts no liabilities whatsoever that may arise from contracts entered into by you that you sourced from this web page. By using this webpage to enter into AmberStudent you waive any and all future claims that may arise and acknowledge ITS Education Asia and all its affiliates have no liability arising whatsoever.

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