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The two crucial areas of learning development in the early years are language and numeracy. Children are learning at a rapid pace from the world around them, not just at school but at home and anywhere else they spend time. They are also learning from all the people they spend time with.

Should we have a tutor for primary level?
We do not believe in unduly putting pressure on young children in the academic sense. We do not tutor for tutoring’s sake. However, there will be times when young children need extra support and sometimes that is best from an experienced tutor.

Over many years we have seen children’s language and numeracy development fall behind because they spend all their time with adults who are not teachers, may not have much schooling themselves, and may not speak the language as a first language. The child is therefore picking up all the mistakes of the adult.

How can we decide if we need a tutor?
Your uncertainty can come from many places. Interacting with your child, watching them around other children, school teacher feedback and so on. If you are unsure about the type of support you need, simply make a query and come and speak to one of our Principals or Counsellors, or call 2116-3916. Remember, if we do not think your child needs tutoring we will tell you and explain why.

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