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ITS Tutorial School has offered IGCSE Geography since 2005. As we are the only tutorial school in Hong Kong also licensed to run the International GCSE exams by Pearson, you can both learn the Geography course content and sit the exam with us, as well as other International GCSE and GCSE subjects. Thousands of students have taken private tuition with our geography tutors to date. You can either:

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Why choose ITS for Geography tuition or full-time study ?
  • Value for money
  • Easy accessibility – all lessons can be taken either here at our school or online
  • Flexible learning – choose when, where and how you learn
  • Individualized for YOU – pick and choose from our add-on services according to your needs
  • Fully qualified and experienced teachers from an official centre
  • Latest specifications – we are an official centre for this qualification
Why study International GCSE Geography?

The content focuses on a combination of understanding the natural and human world and the current issues that we face.

Students will learn to appreciate the differences and similarities between people, places and cultures, leading to an improved understanding of societies and economies.

The syllabus aims are to develop:

  • an understanding of location on a local, regional and global scale
  • an awareness of the characteristics, distribution and processes affecting contrasting physical and human environments
  • an understanding of the ways in which people interact with each other and with their environment
  • an awareness of the contrasting opportunities and constraints presented by different environments
  • an appreciation of and concern for the environment
  • an appreciation of the earth including its people, places, landscapes, natural processes and phenomena.

Typical topic areas are: river hydrology; coastal environments; natural hazards; economic activity; the urban environment; climate change; fragile environments.

How is the course structured?

You can find the Edexcel course specification here.


There are 2 papers - Paper 1: Physical geography and Paper 2: Human geography - which will test knowledge and understanding, as well as analytical, evaluation and fieldwork skills.

Available the Summer exam session [May/June] each year.

Progression – International GCSE Geography enables progression onto International A-level Geography, GCE Geography and beyond.

There are no prerequisites for this course.
For more general information, please see our International GCSE FAQ page.

It is very important when choosing these International GCSE subjects that you understand what options you will have for A-levels and then university when the time comes. ITS has a long-established, highly experienced counselling team who can help you make these decisions and plan your academic course. Review what you think you’d like to do. Then come and see us.

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