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My son has been going to ITS for over 10 years and the quality of teaching has been exceptional!

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Since 2005, ITS Education Asia has taught over 100,000 hours of GCSE and IGCSE tutorials and classes. We are Hong Kong’s only official alternative school exam centre and we have great results. You can:

Just ask, we are very flexible.

We help students prepare for the exam sessions held in January and June each year. We are Hong Kong’s only official Edexcel centre with flexible or open enrolment options. We have the latest deadlines and cheapest enrolment prices.

Call (+852 2116 3916) or email to ask about enrollment in IGCSE exams or to make an appointment to discuss options with our Director of Exam Services.

Experienced and highly qualified tutors and teachers will both teach and guide you through the course, support your learning and use a range of quality learning materials to help you prepare for the exams. Lessons happen either at our schools in Hong Kong or online (or a combination).

Learning and exam enrolment in the following subjects are available (click a link to visit the Edexcel website for specific information about each subject):

In addition to taking a group of IGCSE subjects and exams, ITS students also have access to the following co-curricular suite of courses. This bundle is available to both part-time and full-time students.

IGCSE Booster


  • EtonX suite
  • Edu planner
    • Career thoughts
    • Uni needs
    • Senior school subject choice
    • (8 sessions)
  • YCI taster
  • Mock exams

No previous study is required to access any of our GCSE and IGCSE tuition but you do require basic literacy and numeracy skills.

We also provide revision and mock exam services for all students if requested here.

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For more information please call or email: [email protected]

Need something beyond IGCSE level? Find out about A-levels.

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