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ITS 社會科學教師(地理,歷史,心理學)

The social sciences or humanities include Geography, History, Law, Politics, Religious Studies, Psychology and Philosophy / Theory of Knowledge (ToK). We have a range of highly qualified and experienced subject specialists in all of these areas. See the tutor profiles and the syllabuses below. You can get tutor support for school work such as IB or do a full exam with us such as IGCSE or A-level (we are fully accredited - the only ones in Hong Kong).

We are an official CAAT centre and UCAS centre so we can do full applications and entrance exams to UK universities. We have a well-established and highly successful US university admissions program as well. All information is available across this website or drop us a query.

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Amanda read History at the University of Cambridge (Christ’s College) and stayed on to do postgraduate research on medieval history.  She arrived in Hong Kong in 1994 and her first job was . . .
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English & History Teacher

English Literature
English Language

Amanda Whitmore Snow, B.A, M.A (Cambridge)

Edward grew up on the West Coast of North America but travelled Europe extensively from an early age. He therefore enrolled in the Central and Eastern European Studies Center at Portland State Univers. . .
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English Teacher


Edward Hepting, B.A., TOEFL

Danny has a Masters in Geography from the University of Oxford. In more recent times he completed, with Merit, a Diploma of Higher Education (equivalent to 2 years of Bachelor) in Divinity from the . . .
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Co-founder & Director

Religious Studies
SDG Education
Oxbridge Prep

Danny Harrington, M.A. (Oxford), DipHE (London), CELTA (RSA/Cambridge), UNITAR & UNSSC graduate

Sean graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelors of Law in 2011. Prior to that, he had completed his education in Hong Kong through both the local and international schooling s. . .
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Director Of Admissions (Hong Kong & China)

General Science
Lower Secondary Humanities
Political Science

Sean Lai, Bachelor of Law

Valerie’s main area of teaching is English, particularly writing, as well as interview skills and exam prep. She has already spent three years in Hong Kong working with students in this area pri. . .
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General Studies Teacher & Sustainability Education Manager

SDG Education

Valerie Moore, M.A., UNITAR graduate

       Swagata has a wealth of experience in both teaching and academia. She is widely published in prestigious scientific journals and has both research and clinical expe. . .
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Teacher Of Psychology


Swagata Roy, Ph.D., M.Sc., CertTESOL

Eileen has over 35 years’ teaching experience in secondary schools. Her main teaching subjects are History and English and she has taught these subjects at a range of schools in the UK, Australi. . .
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English Teacher

English Literature
English Language

Eileen Haley, B.A., Dip.Ed.

Patricia has three decades of teaching students both in the UK and internationally (including Hong Kong at Kellett School). She is a highly skilled tutor, guiding students through examination material. . .
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History And English Teacher


Patricia Martin, B.A., P.G.C.E.

Edexcel International Advanced Level Geography (IAS and IAL)
Edexcel GCE AS and A-level Geography
Cambridge International AS and A-level Geography (9696)
OCR GCE AS and A-Level Geography (H081 & H481)
AQA GCE AS and A-Level Geography (7036 & 7037)
WJEC GCE AS and A-Level Geography
CCEA GCE AS and A-Level Geography
IB MYP and Diploma Geography
HKDSE Geography
AP Human Geography

Edexcel International GCSE Geography (9-1)
Edexcel GCSE Geography A
Edexcel GCSE Geography B
Cambridge IGCSE Geography (0460 - A*to G)
Cambridge IGCSE Geography (0976 - 9 to 1)
OCR GCSE Geography A (Geographical Themes) (9-1) J-383
OCR GCSE Geography A (Geography for Enquiring Minds) (9-1) J-384
AQA GCSE Geography (8035)
WJEC GCSE Geography
CCEA GCSE Geography

Some undergraduate university level Geography courses (please enquire)
Others (please enquire)

Edexcel International Advanced Level History (IAS and IAL)
Edexcel GCE AS and A-level History
Cambridge International AS and A-level History (9389)
OCR GCE AS and A-level History (H101 & H505)
AQA GCE AS and A-level History (7041 & 7042)
WJEC GCE AS and A-level History
CCEA GCE AS and A-level History
IB MYP and Diploma History
HK DSE History
AP World History

Edexcel International GCSE History (9-1)
Edexcel GCSE History A
Edexcel GCSE History B
Cambridge IGCSE History (0470 - A*to G)
Cambridge IGCSE History (0977 - 9 to 1)
OCR GCSE History A (Explaining the Modern World) (9-1) - J410
OCR GCSE History B (Schools History Project) (9-1) - J411
AQA GCSE History (8145)

Some undergraduate university level History courses (please enquire)
Others (please enquire)

Edexcel International Advanced Level Psychology
Edexcel AS and A level Psychology (IAL and GCE)
IB Psychology
Cambridge International AS and A Level Psychology (9990 new syllabus)
OCR AS/A Level GCE Psychology
AQA AS and A-level Psychology
Advanced Placement Psychology (AP Psychology)
Edexcel International GCSE Psychology and GCSE Psychology
Cambridge IGCSE Psychology

Others (please enquire)

TOK Presentation
TOK Essay

Edexcel International Advanced Level Physics (IAS and IAL) (XPH11 and YPH11)
Edexcel GCE AS and A-level Physics (9PH0)
Cambridge International AS and A-level Physics (9702)
OCR GCE AS and A-level Physics (H156 & H556)
AQA GCE AS and A-level Physics (7407 & 7408)
WJEC GCE AS and A-level Physics
CCEA GCE AS and A-level Physics
IB MYP and Diploma Physics (Standard Level and Higher Level)
HK DSE Physics
AP Physics

Edexcel International GCSE Physics (9-1)
Edexcel GCSE Physics (9-1)
Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0625 - A*to G)
Cambridge IGCSE Physics (0972 - 9 to 1)
OCR GCSE Physics A (Gateway) (9-1) – J249
OCR GCSE Physics B (21st Century) (9-1) – J259
AQA GCSE Physics (8463)
WJEC GCSE Physics (8624)

Some undergraduate university level Physics courses (please enquire)
Others (please enquire)

ITS also has a range of part time and casual tutoring staff that teach some less demanded subjects or help out at busy times of the year. ITS is always looking for qualified people who wish to become tutors.

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