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Foundation course for University entry

How we help learners get to university:

ITS welcomes all learners from various backgrounds to study with us in a part-time or full-time capacity. We realise that many students are unable to complete their formal education in a traditional school setting. At the moment, 20% of our student body consists of private candidates, studying for their International GCSEs and A-levels and taking exams with us in person. These private candidates learn with us in a one-on-one setting and the classes are tailor-made to fit their learning ability, pace and level. We are the only such provider in Hong Kong.

Key Credentials: (The full list can be found here)

  1. Our school is registered by the Hong Kong Education Bureau [since 2005].
  2. ITS was the first non-mainstream school in Asia accredited as a full Edexcel Academic Centre (No: 92885), recognized in 2010.
  3. ITS is a UCAS centre (No: S45903). UCAS services are offered both to our own students and to others who may be learning at other institutions.
  4. ITS is an official Cambridge Admissions Assessment Testing Centre, administering admissions tests for UK universities

How can I do a Foundation Course in Hong Kong?

The ITS Business Foundation allows students to study in a flexible manner, in-person, or online, equipping themselves with the subjects to follow university options under this stream. As we are able to administer exams and issue predicted grades under the UCAS system, we are able to fully provide all the means necessary for students to apply to universities in the UK, in Hong Kong (non-JUPAS) and around the world.

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Who should take this programme?

  1. Students who are looking for an alternative method to learning
  2. Students wanting a less strenuous path to Business courses at university
  3. Students who find full academic pathways challenging but aim for university entry for less academic subjects

Advantages of taking this programme with us:

  1. We offer up to three exam sittings: Nov, Jan and June – This means that students will have access to more past papers and more opportunities to sit their exams.
  2. The qualification is modular – Students are able to focus more on each unit which allows them to achieve a higher score without being too stressed. The frequent exam sittings allow the units to be spread out throughout the year.
  3. We have departmental support for UK, US and HK admissions; our students will always have first-hand information on their choices for universities.
  4. We can adapt unit timings on a student by student basis
  5. You can take resits if needed


Part of our flexibility in approach is that we realize one-size-fits-all education does not work. All courses can be adjusted by time and volume and priced accordingly. For this course we would charge a monthly fee based on the amount of lessons scheduled.


  1. This is a 10 month course held in a single academic year Sept-June as its purpose is to allow students to resume their university pathway.
  2. Enrolment begins on DSE results day.
  3. This course is taught and examined in English. You must have at least a 2 in DSE English or another acceptable English qualification e.g. grade C English IGCSE 2nd language.
  4. Supplementary English support is available if needed.
  5. The process starts with an interview with one of our admissions principals:

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