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The Extended Project Qualification - EPQ - at ITS

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Why should all A Level students take the EPQ?

An official way to concretely improve university acceptance chances

  • One of the few official ways for students to improve their application profiles
  • Only official way for universities to lower their A Level admissions requirement

You can use the UCAS official tariff tool to calculate tariff points for different combinations of A-levels and EPQ:

UCAS Tariff calculator

    EPQ provides opportunities to broaden study according to your interests
  • The opportunity to demonstrate research, analytical and independent learning skills – skills beyond exam grades – is especially important to universities
  • Focuses on achieving credentials particularly important to international students
  • UK students take the EPQ to demonstrate their ability to work independently & engage in research. Even more so, international students should differentiate themselves beyond their results and explore a subject of their own choosing, showcasing their analytical skills and work
EPQ Coordinator

Our EPQ Coordinator

Jayne is the EPQ course leader at a sixth form college that regularly achieves the highest percentage of A* or A grades among independent schools in the UK. She is an experienced teacher of 24 years, well versed in the standards for academic excellence.

With her recent EPQ cohorts, 100% of her students attained A* or A grades and in the previous years, over 95% of her students obtained an A* or A. Jayne’s students also include Asia-based students.

Previously, Jayne was an English department head and since 2002, all her A Level classes achieved only A* or A grades. She has a Masters degree in Education Management, a BA Joint Hons in English Language and Comparative Literature and a PGCE in English.

Jayne firmly believes that the skills acquired in completing the EPQ are invaluable and enable students to become autonomous learners, well prepared for the demands of university studies.

A Selection of our Oxbridge Tutors

Juliet Perry

Juliet Perry
Humanities & Business

  • 2:1 in PPE at Oxford,
  • 1st in Economics
Holly Rowland

Holly Rowland
Creative Arts

  • MSt in Building History at University of Cambridge,
  • BA (Hons), History of Art at University of Bristol
Noah Miller

Noah Miller
Science & Maths

  • PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester,
  • MChem at the University of Oxford
Emily Knott

Emily Knott
Science & Psychology

  • 2:1 in BA (Hons) Biomedical Sciences at Oxford

We tap into a base of hundreds of tutors to expand as to match student needs.

EPQ Classes 15 hours
Unit 1
4 hours

EPQ Planning and Organisation

Unit 2
4 hours

EPQ Research Skills

Unit 3
4 hours

Academic Writing

Unit 4
3 hours

Review & Presentations

One-on-one Oxbridge Tutor Sessions - 15 hours

Individual Video Sessions

Flexi-time Q&A Texts

Essay Writing Support

As we are using the UK's top experts in EPQ to run this programme, all core lessons are online. However, as with all ITS learning, we bring flexibility to everything we do. There are options to face-to-face and/or supported online sessions for those who are less confident of completing the standard online-only course. Talk to us about your particular needs,

If you are enrolled in a Young Changemaker Incubator (YCI) membership, you can convert your project into an EPQ submission with less tutor time and therefore enjoy a 25% discount.

Tailored EPQ: 30 hours + enrollment with Pearson $40,000
Standard EPQ: 30 hours + enrollment with Pearson $30,000
YCI EPQ: 23 hours + enrollment with Pearson $22,500
Tutorial support for an EPQ being done through a different school or centre (per 3 hours) $5,000

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