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Passionate about bringing sustainability education to all and empowering youth action to work towards the SDGs

Youth Advisory Committee

The Foundation focuses on:

  • Mentoring young people to implement impactful social initiatives based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (YCI)
  • Delivering the UNITAR SDG-oriented Youth Ambassador Asia-Pacific Programme (YAAPP)
  • Teaching foundational knowledge about the 2030 Agenda and sustainability in general

Who does the Foundation help?


- participate in creative learning activities
- gain experience with corporations and government
- are empowered with platforms to express themselves


- participate in sustainability workshops
- are guided in sustainability CPD
- understand the well-being needs of their students


- are rewarded with well-educated, participatory citizens
- benefit from social initiatives
- get access to sustainability education

What is our goal in the long run?

  • Enhance and enrich educational opportunities for students.
  • Support staff for innovative efforts and recognize staff for exemplary teaching.
  • Involve the community in assuring a quality education for the leaders and workers of tomorrow.
  • Recognize academic achievement.
  • Recognize teaching excellence.

All through the lense of sustainability education - preparing today's youth for tomorrow's global needs

Sustainability Library

Hong Kong Model United Nations (MUN)

  • In 2024, the ITS Foundation was chosen to become the supporting partner for the Hong Kong MUN. The Foundation was present at the international conference in March where founder Danny Harrington gave the opening keynote speech about the fast approaching 2030 Agenda and youth participation in international affairs.

  • As per convention, the HKMUN was held at Hong Kong's Science Park and was a fantastic success. The participants went away having gained insightful knowledge, valuable skills and wonderful memories from this experience.
  • We encourage any student who wants to better themselves to join future HKMUN events. Information on how to do that can be found here: https://www.hkmun.org/

Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee (Youth Committee) is a standing Youth Committee made up of Hong Kong based high-school students from years 9/10 to 12/13 for the purpose of working with ITSF Board of Directors to:

  • advise the Board on current thought trends among sustainability-minded youth
  • provide both feedback on ideas, and suggest new ideas, for programmes that the Foundation can and should pursue
  • provide both feedback on ideas, and suggest new ideas, for youth peer-to-peer collaborations that the Foundation can and should pursue
  • advise on, and facilitate, events to lead and participate in
  • serve as ad hoc on short-term events such as, the Annual Meeting
  • serve as an advocate for the ITSF
  • run one or more events per year for youth sustainability advocacy

Benefit as Youth Committee Member:

The Youth Committee member can be a tremendous influence and complement to the effectiveness of the Board of Directors as it works to carry out specific and complex roles. Other benefits include:

  • Give back: Opportunity to share insights, and experiences to develop emerging youth leaders.
  • Work with peers: Experience valuable networking opportunities.
  • Engage in strategic dialogue and participate in robust discussions that will help shape the ITSF in the future and assist the ITSF in capitalizing on and responding to trends.
  • Sharpen leadership skills: Participate in Youth Committee work and sharpen leadership skills in a supportive environment with the goal to fill board positions that become available.
  • Improve profile: build better opportunities for future engagements.

Applications for 2024-25 are now closed

Partners, Sponsors and Supporters

As with any non-profit, we depend on, and are immensely grateful to, those who value our work and find ways in which they can help us.

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