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SAT 與 ACT 預備班


SAT/ACT scores are an essential ingredient of US university applications. Our SAT and ACT prep lessons have been helping students achieve their target score since 2005.

Students who work with ITS improve their SAT scores by 200+ points or achieve 1400+ / ACT scores by 6+ points or achieve 30+

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ITS Digital SAT

After 18 years teaching the traditional SAT, ITS is delighted to launch our in-house Digital SAT Course updated to the 2023 format for international SAT candidates. The Digital SAT course has been tailor made as per College Board specifications and has been broken down into Reading and Writing Course and Math Course separately.

Both the courses are further categorized into 10 Hour - Regular and 15 Hour - Intensive courses in order to give the students a broader spectrum of courses to choose from based on their relative academic strength in the two areas.

  • Live or Online: Students can join the class live on campus or online from home.
  • Video Recordings: Students can review any past lectures online.
  • Free US University Consultation for your family with an ITS admissions consultant.

Course Breakdown

Reading and Writing is broken down into four domains and within these domains, there are ten specific skill areas that are evaluated.

  1. Craft and Structure: 13 – 15 Questions (28%)
  2. Information and Ideas: 12 – 14 Questions (26%)
  3. Standard English Conventions: 11 – 15 Questions (26%)
  4. Expression of Ideas: 8 – 12 Questions (20%)

The Math section is also broken down into four domains and within these domains, eighteen specific skill areas are evaluated.

  1. Algebra: 13 – 15 Questions (35%)
  2. Advanced Maths: 13 – 15 Questions (35%)
  3. Problem solving and data analysis: 5 – 7 Questions (15%)
  4. Expression of Ideas: 5 – 7 Questions (15%)

Why enroll for ITS Digital SAT Course?

ITS Digital SAT course gives students an edge in terms of how to deal with frequently tested questions in the exam.

One of the key skills needed for the test is to be able to eliminate wrong answer choices based on elimination techniques and our Digital SAT course particularly focuses on that.

Since writing and language is entirely rules based, mastering the grammar rules coupled with elimination techniques can get a student to score up to nearly 95%+ out of the 54 writing and language questions tested in the exam.

When it comes to reading based questions, the course also teaches students various strategies that can guide them get to the right answer.

In the quants section, questions tested are quite unique compared to the questions students normally encounter in a school-based learning environment. Hence, it is of utmost importance that a test taker learns short cuts that can enable them to tackle questions within a stipulated time limit.

We have a consistent success rate in the past with many students scoring more than 1500 on their SAT and an average add-on value of 200 points.

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ITS - ACT Essentials

ITS ACT course is designed to give students all of the tools they need to maximize their ACT score. Students cover all aspects of the ACT: Reading, Grammar, Math, Science, and Essay.

Course Details

24 hours of Instruction (8 classes x 3 hours) + 2 Official ACT Mock Tests

  • Live or Online: Students can join the class live on campus or online from home.
  • Video Recordings: Students can review any past lectures online.
  • Free US University Consultation for your family with an ITS admissions consultant.

Course Breakdown

Writing and Language 6 Hours The ACT Writing and Language Course builds a fundamental understanding of grammar and punctuation specifically for the ACT. With a strong understanding of these concepts, students will find themselves ready for much of the Writing and Language section of the ACT.
Reading 6 Hours The ACT Reading Course provides students with the necessary reading strategies and elimination skills to boost their ACT scores. Together, we will identify the best approach to ACT reading for each student.
Science 3 Hours The ACT Science Course offers numerous strategies to students so they may meet the challenges of the ACT science exam. By familiarizing students with recurring “Key Questions,” we may enable them to maximize their potential on this difficult section of the ACT.
Mathematics 9 Hours The ACT Mathematics Course offers various strategies to overcome challenges that a student would encounter on an ACT exam through step-by-step review of the fundamentals. This is achieved by reviewing various recurring questions we call ‘Key Questions’.

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SAT / ACT Past Paper Reviews

Final review before official test dates with actual past papers.

6 hours of Instruction + 2 Official SAT / ACT Mock Tests
Reading + Grammar / Math / Essay
Test Day Tips and Strategies Comprehensive Mock Test Reviews

Recommended for: Students who are soon taking the official SAT or ACT and want additional practice with a complete review of their mistakes

Courses run the week of official SAT and ACT test dates.

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SAT / ACT / SAT II Private Lessons

The best way for any student to reach for top scores in their SAT or ACT exams is to take a highly-customized course of private lessons. Students can arrange lessons flexible to their busy timetables. Private lessons give students an opportunity to focus on their strengths with direct attention from the teacher. At ITS we have found that students can achieve virtually any target score if they work hard enough. ITS specializes in helping students achieve scores that accompany applications to Ivy League universities and other top schools.

We provide a first free SAT / ACT mock test at ITS Central's exam center for all students. Register below

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ITS also provides SAT II subject test lessons for virtually all SAT II subjects: Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics, World History, Literature Math Level 1 and 2...

Free SAT / ACT Mock Test

Get Your SAT / ACT Diagnostic Score

Beating the SAT or ACT starts with knowing your score. Take a first free SAT or ACT mock test. if you’re not sure which test is better for you, take an SAT / ACT assessment. Get feedback on the suggested course of prep and potential score improvement (usually 200+ points). Discuss mock scores and US universities with an ITS admissions consultant.

Mocks are held every Saturday from 10am-2pm at ITS Central’s Exam Center. Private weekday mocks can be arranged upon request!

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SAT/ACT preparation should start 3-6 months before a first exam. Of course students who spend upwards of 12 months on diluted preparation will realize their full potential on the exams.

You only need the SAT or the ACT, though you can try both. Some schools like NYU, though a decided minority, are letting students apply without SAT/ACT scores.

There are differences in the duration and number of questions in each section. The ACT has a scientific reasoning section that is tested sporadically in both the English and Math SAT sections. The essays are very different - the ACT is argumentative while the SAT is explicative. We offer a first SAT and ACT mock free at ITS Central’s Exam Center.

This depends on the schools which you apply to. Generally, more selective schools are more likely to have SAT II requirements (2 or 3 tests).

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