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Was working with ITS to help myself learn economics as I had a short timeframe of around 7 months to complete a 2 year course. We were able to cover everything in concentrated depth despite the restrictive available time. Excellent teaching ability and friendly, helpful staff. Highly recommended from me. Thanks guys.

Private Candidate - Hong Kong

Private Candidate

We provide an alternative international school that allows learners to study for, and attain, globally recognized qualifications regardless of their personal circumstances. Every student is unique and needs a supportive and caring learning environment in order to excel. In addition, we recognize that some students learn better in a private class setting and our expert teachers are equipped to fulfill all academic needs.

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Who is a private candidate? A private candidate is someone:

  1. whose learning method does not fit into the traditional school class style,
  2. who has personal/family situations that stop them studying at a traditional school,
  3. who is forced to relocate and cannot find a traditional school,
  4. who wishes to learn at non-traditional pace,
  5. who wishes to maintain their studies in between schools,
  6. who wishes to study extra IGCSE/ A-level subjects to increase their chances for boarding schools / universities or school transfers.
  7. who wishes to obtain a second chance in re-taking their high school qualifications in order to apply to better universities.

One or more of these may apply.

ITS Education Asia runs the only fully registered and accredited official exam centre in a non-traditional international school in Hong Kong. Learning is available in school, online or a blend of the two. We have a long record and excellent results.

Furthermore, you do not need to be based in Hong Kong to access our alternative system. We have taught students from Africa to the Far East. Remote learning for both IGCSE and A-level has allowed students in places such as Rwanda, the Gulf States, Myanmar, Vietnam , Philippines, and Taiwan to all the teaching support they need. Some students then fly to Hong Kong for the exams or we help locate an exam centre nearby.

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Private Candidate Procedures

Everybody is different. But traditional schooling starts from a position that everybody is the same. For most people that is fine, but for many others this means that either school does not maximize their potential, does not provide the best education option for them or completely fails them. From day 1, ITS was set up to address these issues. Here are some examples of students with different needs who chose ITS over more traditional schooling [names protected for privacy].


Was attending high profile local Hong Kong school and decided to switch to UK boarding school for A-levels with an eye on UK university. Switched to ITS to complete a full range of IGCSEs in a compressed time frame of 5 months and then start A-level syllabuses prior to going to UK.


Completed first year of A-levels at an international school but found the class-based approach did not fit his style of learning at this level. Enrolled in a one year IAL course at ITS to re-sit his first modules and complete the full A-levels in a one-to-one focused setting.


Struggled with traditional school structure at a top international school in Thailand. Some classes fast, some too slow. Enjoyed sports but not other things like wearing uniform. Needed to switch mid-term. Came to ITS and completed 7 IGCSEs in 12 months scoring all over grade 7 (equiv A*/A).


Needed to add exams to what he could do at school.

Seen here collecting Pearson award for Highest Mark in the World in IGCSE Italian.

Method of learning

All of our classes are conducted 1 on 1. This ensures that each class is tailor-made to the learner’s level and pace of learning and helps to create a sheltered, yet structured, environment in which children can learn to thrive and increase their confidence. There is minimal pressure (e.g. from peers and homework assignments).

Advantages of studying at ITS

  1. We incorporate a more university-style approach to learning which both motivates students to take initiative and responsibility and actually delivers that experience. These are the good habits that characterize successful people and that benefit our students for life.
  2. We use flexible timetabling to fit the life circumstances of each student as far as possible. We have found ways to timetable students with physical and mental health issues, non-standard home circumstances and more so that they can get the learning time needed to pass their exams.
  3. We offer official exams under the Edexcel exam board. This allows students to validate their studies by working towards the International GCSE or A-level exams.
  4. We are a registered UCAS Centre. Students apply for their targeted UK through the same procedure as a traditional school.
  5. We have a dedicated US prep program for those aiming for US universities.
  6. We have top-flyer programmes for those aiming for Ivy league, Oxbridge and other world class universities.
  7. We are an official Cambridge AAT centre for university entrance exams.
  8. We run an incredible leadership/social entrepreneurship programme called Young Changemaker Incubator with recognition from the United Nations which develops the key skills for the 21st century workspace, builds profile to support university admissions and actively contributes to impact.
  9. We work with top agents for those using IGCSE to access UK boarding schools Year 12.

Private Candidate Procedures

Support System

We provide admission tests preparation along with university counselling guidance for all of our students. Our private candidates will be able to receive attentive services with our expert counsellors. This is different from a traditional school as we cater to all students. Often, the traditional schools will focus their efforts mainly on their top students to boost their university admission rate and statistics. As ITS is non-selective, we try our best to ensure that every private candidate needs are met.

For those who do not yet have a clear path to university and are interested in science options, we have a specially constructed condensed one-year A-level foundation course.

Duration and fees involved

  • Class fees - depend on volume of class time actually taken but in any case below our standard rate
  • Examination fees – these are billed according to your subject choices based on Edexcel’s pricing
  • School & University admissions – these are billed according to your preferred destination. We help our private candidates apply to HK, UK and USA schools & universities
  • Approximate study hours: 2 hours per subject per week. Total study time depends on how many subjects, how many months to the exam point and your own capabilities

Everyone is different and we take each case as it comes. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting to speak to one of our admission experts, please contact us.

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