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ITS Tutorial School has offered top A-level Business support since 2005. We are the only tutorial school in Hong Kong also licensed to run the A-level exams by Pearson. You can take both International A-levels and some GCE subjects as well. Thousands of students have taken private tuition with our Business tutors to date. You can either:

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Why choose Edexcel International A-level Business?

This course aims to give you the skills to:

  • Develop a holistic understanding of business operations and functions
  • Apply basic business quantitative skills, which will be essential in relevant tertiary education
  • Reflect upon today’s global world and provides a real business focus
  • Use internationally accepted business terminology
  • Understand and apply relevant business theories in all business functions
  • This qualification is 100% externally assessed by examination and has a straightforward, systematic and modular structure, with 3 exam sessions each year in January, June and October. A table of the course structure can be found at the bottom of the page.
Why choose ITS for tuition or full time study ?
  • Value for money
  • Easy accessibility – all lessons can be taken either here at our school or online
  • Flexible learning – choose when, where and how you learn
  • Individualized for YOU – pick and choose from our add-on services according to your needs
  • Fully qualified and experienced teachers from an official centre
  • Latest specifications – we are an official centre for this qualification
  • Full support services – our counsellors can guide you through the course and on to the next step
  • The course content may be relevant to a variety of exams (SATII, IB, AQA, OCR, CIE) and school study. See the unit description for more detail on the content
What are the prerequisites of this course?

There are no prerequisites, but an I/ GCSE qualification in Business/Economics is recommended.

What can I do with an A-level in Business?

You can go on to university courses like an honours degree in Business Administration or related subjects, or choose to start up your own business at any period of your career.

The skills learned by studying business opens up a wide range of career paths to the now expanding international business market. Professional grade jobs such as accounting, financial and business analyst, risk management, quantitative finance in investment banks and more, would all require a business undergraduate and/or postgraduate degree with a relevant major. (Business Administration or related degrees typically consist of major choices related to Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Information Systems, Human Resources, etc., which all require a Business A-Level as a prerequisite to apply for)

For more information on specific university requirements related to A-levels, please see our A-levels FAQ page.

For more information on applying to UK universities, see our UCAS page.

If you are an international student taking A-levels the basic offer is made for 3 A-level subjects. It is very important when choosing these subjects that you understand what options you will have for university when the time comes. ITS has a long-established, highly experienced counselling team who can help you make these decisions and plan your academic course. But to start with, try out this excellent tool from the Russel Group which helps you experiment with your subject choices. Then come and see us.

How is the course structured?

You can find the Edexcel course specification here.

The course consists of 4 Units – 2 IAS and 2 IA2 Units. Students must take all 4 units to obtain the International Advanced Level Business qualification. The percentage of total IAL marks for each Unit is in brackets followed by the length of each examination.

Unit 1 Marketing and people (25%) (2 hours)
Unit 2 Managing business activities (25%) (2 hours)

Unit 3 Business decisions and strategy (25%) (2 hours)
Unit 4 Global business (25%) (2 hours)

Topic and assessment overview

Available in January, June and October

  • External assessment: written examination
  • Raw marks: equal weighting - 80 for all papers
  • Weighting: equal weighting – 25% for all papers
  • Examination time:
    • Unit 1: first assessment January 2019, available in all 3 Edexcel exam periods onwards
    • Unit 2: first assessment June 2019, available in all 3 Edexcel exam periods onwards
    • Unit 3: first assessment January 2020, available in all 3 Edexcel exam periods onwards
    • Unit 4: first assessment June 2020, available in all 3 Edexcel exam periods onwards

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