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SAT result
ITS Students' Results 2012-2023
Qualification Entries ITS Student grades
IGCSE 1577 9-7 6-5 4
68% 15% 9%
A-level 10593 A/A* B C
49% 14% 11%

As an alternative school, our results are very difficult to compare to others. Students join us both add UK exams on to what they do in their mainstream schools or as full-time students for whom mainstream schooling is no longer the right fit. We are also non-selective so we are just as likely have academically weaker students as academically stronger ones.

Part-time students tend to be taking IGCSE and tend to be doing so because they are confident of scoring a good grade. That is why our pass rate is skewed higher than a typical UK school.

Full-time students tend to cover a wider range of those who are either academically strong and the mainstream age-cohort-format or other organizational ideas too restrictive, or who have let down by the system in some way and who need to get results and move to the next step of their lives whatever that may be.

The main purpose of us publishing this results table therefore is simply to indicate that students successfully use ITS for their UK exams regardless of their approach to education or the way in the system measures them. It should also be noted that we can give Centre-Assessed Grades when exams are cancelled and our students have been much less disrupted by covid than others.

Arrange to speak to one of our staff for further information on options.

Further information about: IB | UK GCE A-level | IGCSE | SAT | DSE

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ITS students have gone on to attend these universities.

University of Aberdeen
University of Bedfordshire
Bristol University
University of Bolton
The University of British Columbia
University of Cambridge
Cardiff University
The University of Chicago
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
City University of Hong Kong
Duke University
Durham University
University of East Anglia
The University of Edinburgh
University of Exeter
University of Glasgow
The University of Hong Kong
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Imperial College London
University of Kent
King's College London
Kingston University London
University of Leeds
Leeds Beckett University
LSC (London School of Commerce)
LSE (London School of Economics)
Loughborough University
Newcastle University
Queen Mary University of London
University College London
The University of Manchester
The University of Melbourne
University of Nottingham
University of Oxford
University of Pennsylvania
SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) HK
University of Southampton
University of Surrey
University of Sussex
University of Strathclyde
The University of Sydney
University of Toronto
University of Wales
The University of Warwick
University of West London
University of the West of England
The University of Westminster
University of York

Dulwich College Singapore

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