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Meet the Mentors - Alvin

YCI Member Alvin Wong took part in Catalysing Change Week 2021. He had the chance to present his March to Your Beat initiative to bring his own developments in music therapy solutions to autistic youth. The Youth Empowerment Circle is designed to accelerate youth-led initiatives such as this. . . .

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Meet the Mentors - Jessie

Jessie's SDG journey began when she started Family Mask, a PPE manufacturer and distributor as a response to COVID-19. Through the United Nations Global Compact network, Family Mask has donated over 3,000,000 face masks across the globe to communities in need. Now based in Hong Kong, she was educated in the United Kingdom for over a decade, graduated with a Masters of Art from world-renowned fashion school Istituto Marangoni and a Bachelor of Science from SOAS, University of London. Jessie is also a part of the UNITE 2030 and YOUNGA 2020/2021 community, and recognized as an UpLink innovator by the World Economic Forum. . . .

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Meet the Mentors - Amanda

Amanda’s commitment to the UN’s SDGs was first inspired by her encounters with many resourceful individuals who face, or have faced, tremendous inequality in their daily lives because the SDGs are not yet reality.  She was privileged to meet these people - and learn from them - through her voluntary work with three Hong Kong-based NGOs, two with regional operations.  In parallel to this, Amanda’s environmental interests have grown through seeing the threats to local habitats around her home on Lantau.   And a life-long interest in History has taught her that, often, change starts with an individual and a single idea.  We don’t have to wait for governments to implement the SDGs: we can start here and now. . . .

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Meet the Mentors - Sue

Sue has several decades’ experience of teaching English in different countries and contexts, including to speakers of other languages and at tertiary level. She has always had a passion for language and literature and also has a strong interest in social justice and education. Her experience in the classroom and in schools makes her the ideal mentor for SDGs 4, 5, 10 and 16   . . .

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YCI in the news

Jason Qiu’s Carbon Neutral, Aden Wong’s Exercise for Elderlies and Arthur Cheung’s SDG action all mentioned in this article on LearningPlanet - . LearningPlanet is an open alliance of educational stakeholders and learning communities which aims to identify, develop and amplify the most effective ways to collectively solve the world’s most pressing and complex challenges, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This article by Kenneth Kwok focuses on youth involvement on this project. . . .

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Meet the Mentors - Jason

Jason is a Management Consultant who enjoys working with youth in his spare time. His academic background is in international affairs, with a B.S. in International Political Economy from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and a M.S. in Strategic Studies from the School of Advanced International Studies at the Johns Hopkins University. However, he opted to go into the private sector for his career and feels that route is often a more effective way of making change in the world. He also serves as a volunteer admissions counselor in his spare time. . . .

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Meet the Mentors - Danny

Danny is the founder of ITS Education Asia and the Lead for the entire YCI program. He has a Masters degree in Geography from the University of Oxford and has been teaching the SDGs (and the MDGs which came before them) for many years alongside fieldwork projects. With a DipHE from the University of London, he adds a background in Philosophy and Ethics which is crucial to approaching the SDGs from an educational point of view. He has run educational companies for over 20 years and has the practical, real world experience of business leadership.   . . .

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Felix is building a prototype mask sanitizer to make used masks easier to handle and recycle. He hopes to expand this to community level. . . .

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