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Online education support for schools and other educators

ITS Education Asia happily collaborates with other schools and education providers to broaden the options available to students across the region. Our foundational purpose is to help any student to realize their potential and follow their desired Pathway to Learning.


International GCSE or GCE/International A-levels

ITS already provides teachers to physical schools in Hong Kong so that they can expand their subject range. When schools have smaller populations of students in a cohort or for a subject choice, it is difficult to justify a full-time teacher. ITS supplies subject-specific teachers to overcome this. The ITS online platform allows us to offer a similar service to schools in the region through a virtual classroom allowing schools to:

    • expand the subject range of the school when class sizes preclude hiring
    • provide a flexible alternative during teacher leave
    • provide a safety net during unexpected teacher absence
    • provide expert add-on services not supplied by the institution such as Oxbridge preparation

We can deliver directly to a class of students where each has their own terminal, or use the co-teaching model whereby the ITS teacher delivers the lesson via a screen to the class in which a local teacher or teaching assistant provides support.

For example, since 2020, ITS teachers have delivered KS3 Mathematics plus IGCSE courses in Biology, Physics, Maths, English Language and Literature, Business, Geography, History & Spanish to ONE International School in the Philippines as a way to support them through a period of uncertainty created by the covid pandemic which impacted on their hiring and student enrollment situation.

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For more information please call +852 2116 3916 or email at [email protected]

University applications

Many schools may not yet have had the chance to develop expertise in university applications. As an accredited UCAS centre, ITS provides expert services for any or all parts of the university application process to support counselors, teachers and students alike. While this often has a UK focus, we also have expert staff from the US who advise on US university applications and we provide extensive SAT learning options to support such applications as well.

Example services for university entrance include:

  • choosing courses/institutions
  • identifying Oxbridge potential
  • planning extra-curricular
  • implementing academic support for Oxbridge
  • final vacation planning
  • personal statement writing - Oxbridge
  • teacher report writing – Oxbridge
  • UCAS submission - Oxbridge
  • test prep – Oxbridge
  • interview prep – Oxbridge
  • personal statement writing – others
  • teacher report writing – others
  • UCAS submission - others
  • providing training and support to get a required IELTS score
  • providing training and support to get a required PTE score
  • providing training and support to get a required SAT score

For more information please call +852 2116 3916 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Tuition agencies/Tutorial schools

Tuition providers are often limited either in the curricula they can support or in the extent to which they can do so – for example, they cannot moderate coursework and they cannot act as examination centres.

ITS works with tutor agencies in the region to allow them to offer the International GCSE, GCE or International A-level. We have a co-teaching model which leaves most of the teaching to the tutor agency on location but is backed up by our online resource centre, a quota of ITS delivered lessons, moderation, reporting and of course the examinations themselves.

We can arrange for students to come to an ITS exam centre or we will help them to register at another accredited Edexcel centre near them.

For more information please call +852 2116 3916 or email at [email protected].

Qualified individuals wishing to teach online

ITS can setup a dedicated course through our online platform where others can teach their service online. For example, an aviation English instructor could offer English instruction for aviation, a lawyer could offer value added courses or CPD courses to other lawyers. The possibilities are endless. 

Our services include: 

  • online store for collecting payment
  • use of the online platform to teach
  • customized course area to run classes
  • administrative and tech support
  • marketing support through our website
For more information please call (852) 2116-3916 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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