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Australia: Maths enrolments at school still as bad as ever

By ITS Education Asia

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This article from the  Australian Financial Review is commenting on the ongoing decline of Australian students choosing to study higher level maths subjects.

Australia's "maths deficit" at school is deepening and becoming a spiral in which the lack of maths graduates is reinforcing the lack of teachers with specialist training in the subject, according to a new report by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute.

Data just released shows in 2019 only 10 per cent of all year 12 students studied higher maths. That figure had not changed since 2011.

And only 20.5 per cent of all final year students studied intermediate maths. That's the lowest participation rate since 2015 and compares to 22.5 per cent 10 years ago.

One wonders which other professions may also suffer knock-on effects.




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