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Covid-19: Ten ways pandemic will shape education in 2021 Part 1

By ITS Education Asia

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Carl O'Brien Education Editor of the Irish Times suggests ten ways the pandemic will shape education in 2021. Numbers one to five:l App

  1. Reopening  schools

Shutdowns of schools look certain - the only question is how long will they last? 

  1. Fate of exams

When will exam sessions return to normal if ever?

  1. Race to upskill

Thousands of courses will come on stream this year. Many are modular courses – short, focused and flexible – which will allow people to gain important skills without taking a long time out from the labour market. Data analytics, environmental science, ICT and health are just some areas where there are skills gaps.

  1. Mental health needs

Universities have seen demand for mental health supports double in recent months as a combination of isolation and online learning takes its toll. Many first-year students have not even set foot on campus yet. There are also worries over drop-out rates in college.

  1. A funding models

With so many changes to university courses students are demanding changes to funding and costs



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