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Dim prospects for new university graduates in Hong Kong, with fewer jobs, lower salaries amid economic slump

By ITS Education Asia

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It should come as no surprise given the amount of problems that Hong Kong has faced in the last year that new graduates are finding the jobs market difficult (SCMP). More than 20,000 university graduates in Hong Kong this year are facing the biggest drop in starting salaries in half a decade, with the number of vacancies available to them also falling by nearly a quarter compared to 2019, according to a major jobs portal and a joint university information system.

  • A survey by a local jobs portal finds that average starting salaries for fresh graduates has fallen nearly 4 per cent, the most in five years
  • A database maintained by local universities, meanwhile, reveals the number of jobs available to recent graduates is down nearly a quarter

Amid the gloomier prospects, research by JobsDB showed nearly a third of survey respondents aimed to seek employment overseas rather than in the city.




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