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Hong Kong's Sowers Action offers tutors, snacks and a safe after-school environment for underprivileged schoolchildren

By ITS Education Asia

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The ability to spend time with their children when they get out of school – or hire someone else to do it – is a luxury many lower-income Hong Kong parents do not enjoy.

Sowers Action, which has been promoting educational development in the city since 1992, is seeking to step into the gap to ensure children get the extra attention they need with support from the SCMP.

This year, the group’s “After-school Tutoring Programme” will get a helping hand from  Operation Santa Claus (OSC). Sowers Action is one of 19 beneficiaries of OSC, which has raised HK$316 million (US$41 million) for 287 charitable projects since 1988.

Working with two community primary schools in Sham Shui Po, one of the city’s poorest districts, the tutoring programme effectively functions as a day care and aims to benefit about 80 children in the neighbourhood.



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