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How to talk about gambling with your kids

By ITS Education Asia

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Gambling is a part of Hong Kong culture; it is safe to say that one is not far from a Hong Kong Jockey club or that most children are familiar of the sounds of mahjong tiles. Dan Steele a primary school teacher and father of two writing for the Sydney Morning Herald, provides his insight on how to discuss gambling with children.


Start a conversation

In order to better educate kids on the realities of chance, we need to have conversations with them that clearly identify that picking a winning by chance doesn’t happen all the time. Test this by predicting the next card from a deck, or guessing the colour of the next car to drive past. Focus on the fact that whatever has happened before isn’t affecting the next event, that we don’t always win (and can actually lose more often), and no matter how much we wish for something, it might not come true.


A little perspective

Help your kids and teenagers make the odds more real with comparisons. Winning the lottery might be one in 15 million, but when compared to the likelihood of being struck by lightning during your life (about one in 300,000) the lottery becomes a much harder win.


Look in the mirror

Consider your family’s attitudes and activities towards gambling. Like most things that appear common, easy to do and fun, it could lead to them doing it more.




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