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Local community action

By Danny Harrington, MD ITS Education Asia

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


A good article from Ryan Hagen on LinkedIn about the impact we can have by being active citizens at a local level i.e. within our own immediate communities. Most people will think of local government – town halls, district councils and so on. And this is where Hagen focuses. He points out an estimate that 35% of emissions in California could be wiped out by actions taken at local government level, simply applying the powers that they already have. He makes the point though that local governments won’t act unless local people demand that they do. This is especially important because local government may also be more accessible by local business lobbying that usually has profit propositions in front of any other. One of the key reasons that profit chasing increases emissions is that externalities can be created (therefore not paid for in money terms by business). And few people seem willing or able to price those externalities back in to public health and all the other knock on effects of climate change.

Certainly we have a better understanding now that top down governance cannot solve all problems (should not in fact) and that everyone has a civic responsibility to be involved in the decision making process which can improve both our own lives and that f those around us.

The other key point though is that when we talk about local action we do not have to focus exclusively on government and the civic community. We are all members of multiple communities. Perhaps a religious group, a club or for young people a school. Schools provide the perfect platform for youth empowerment in bottom up local decision making and action for good.

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