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More Hong Kong secondary school students more stressed than last year, survey shows

By ITS Education Asia

Kids and teacher protecting themselves with medical masks Free Photo

It will come as no surprise that children in Hong Kong are feeling increased levels of stress associated with the pandemic and interruptions to their studies.  This article from the SCMP reports on a recent survey of HK youth by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups.

More Hong Kong secondary school students find themselves stressed amid the Covid-19 pandemic as compared to last year, with almost half of them worried about not being able to catch up with class following months of school suspensions, a survey has revealed.

  • Over 52 per cent of 4,443 pupils surveyed by Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups report a ‘high stress’ index of 7 or higher on a scale of 10
  • The figure was 41 per cent last year, and 37 per cent the year before

Let’s hope government, schools and parents can help alleviate these feelings constructively.




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