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Shrewsbury International School will open in Tseung Kwan O (Siu Chik Sha) district in August 2018. This will be the second international school to be established by Shrewsbury School UK.

Learn more from Ben Keeling, Principal


Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong: A purpose built Primary School for a quality British education

Opening in August 2018

Learn more from Ben Keeling, Principal, about Shrewsbury International School, Hong Kong.



Founded by Royal Charter in 1552, Shrewsbury School is one of Britain’s best reputed schools and among the original nine ‘Great Schools’ of Britain. Shrewsbury’s tradition of academic excellence reaches to the time of the great British monarch Elizabeth I who supported its development and expansion to become one of the finest schools in Britain.

It is an honour to be able to bring this 465-year tradition of excellence to Hong Kong through an unparalleled vision of primary education within a purpose-built campus. Opening in August 2018, we plan to cater for a carefully selected group of students between the ages of 3 and 11.

“I believe that children have as much to learn from one another as they do from their teachers. This is why we are fundamentally committed to the development of a rich and enveloping school community in which young children can thrive”. Offering a total of up to six small class groups in each year, we will ensure a true breadth of experience with wide reaching benefits.

Children at Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong will develop a complex range of social skills as they play and learn alongside a large group of peers of a similar age, before reflecting upon their experiences in small adult-supervised groups. Our school building too, has been designed specifically with this objective in mind.

Subject specific learning spaces will allow for a depth of study, and an opportunity to explore, rarely seen in primary education. Assemblies will be taken in the auditorium, gymnastics will be taught in the centre for excellence and the sports hall will cater for athletic and physical development. We will also offer age specific facilities and equipment to ensure that all children are set up to succeed; my plans for the school are unapologetically aspirational.

Ours is a specialist facility, built without compromise – we will offer an education to match. Educational expertise, a rich and challenging curricular experience and a deep sense of pride will form the backbone of our school.  We also plan to make the most of the opportunities provided by our local area.

Based in Tseung Kwan O, the school stands beside a mountain that acts as host to a series of popular hiking trails, leading up to High Junk Peak and over to Clear Water Bay. A large rural park leading round to a curved and newly refurbished waterfront walkway underlines the enormous asset presented by our local position. The opportunity for students to explore is almost limitless. The fact that are less that ten minutes away from the nearest MTR station will keep staff, parents and visitors happy too!

With such ambitious plans for the primary years, we are equally keen to guarantee the success of our students well beyond Year 6. Through the design of personalised pathways for each individual family, we will provide the information and support necessary to successfully guide parents through the process of selection and transition. With a thorough knowledge of the local options available, and a firm link to boarding schools in the UK, we will guide families through a bespoke planning process to ensure that each child is received securely into a system best placed to allow them to thrive.

Shrewsbury International School will open in August 2018 and plans to cater for a carefully selected group of students aged between 3 and 11.  For more information, please visit website at: www.shrewsbury.hk



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