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Penned by Youth - An Open Letter to the UN Secretary General Pt II

By ITS Education Asia

Part II

In Hong Kong, we at ITS Education Asia and the Young Changemaker Incubator have listened. We help students trailblaze their own path of education by helping them develop sustainable initiatives within their community. Our educators and mentors, however, merely nudge students to helpful research, concrete action, and making contacts. These students have taught us that once they seize the reins of their education, us adults can take the back seat. These students are not only learning how to self-organize, they are learning they can already inspire change in their communities. They don't need to wait for a degree or an employment contract to shape the world according to their principles and passions.

On the topic of Education for Sustainable Development, here are some perspectives from members of the Young Changemaker Incubator Class of 2021:

“Education is integral to progress. Our future depends on whether we can inspire the next generation and cultivate their full potential to improve the human condition.” Arthur K Cheung, Student, King George V School

“Much of the world's marginalized population has been denied access to quality education and lifelong opportunities. This is very true of all children along the spectrum of autism. Through music therapy, I am working towards inclusion for students underserved by traditional school systems.” Alvin Wong, 10th Grade Student, International Christian School

“We need young people to use their entrepreneurial enthusiasm to eliminate poverty and hunger by encouraging compassion and cultural awareness. This is especially true during a pandemic which has hindered collaboration. I am focused on a Hong Kong with zero food and packaging waste.” Ethan Ho, Founder, Waste Less Feed Better Org


Continued in Part III...

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