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This celebrity used her Instagram following to help teachers stock their classrooms with school supplies

By ITS Education Asia

It is always good to see the rich and famous going out of their way to help poorer children.  Comedian Erin Foster deserves praise and recognition for these efforts.

Laura Ciervo, a preschool and elementary school-based speech language pathologist in New Jersey, had created an Amazon wish list of school supplies for the upcoming year.

She knew she needed some help -- so she decided to randomly reach out to one of her favorite celebrities on Instagram -- comedian Erin Foster -- to see if she'd respond.

Much to her surprise, Foster, who has more than half a million followers, replied to the direct message -- and was happy to help. She shared Ciervo's list on her Instagram on August 18.

Since her wish list was shared by Foster on Instagram, Ciervo has received more than 100 packages containing books, games and other learning resources.

An uplifting story that Chalkface is happy to share.  The goodwill of people to help those less well-off is admirable.




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