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US: No Home, No Wi-Fi - Pandemic Adds to Strain on Poor College Students

By ITS Education Asia

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It is not surprising that those being most affected in their education are those from lower income groups. This article from the New York Times illustrates the point in the US.

Michelle Macario was struggling to follow online classes through the tiny screen of her smartphone. She had no laptop and no Wi-Fi at home, and the library where she normally studied at her community college in Los Angeles was closed. So two weeks into the coronavirus shutdown in the spring, she dropped all of her courses to avoid failing.

Trapped between the financial hardships of the pandemic and the technological hurdles of online learning, the millions of low-income college students across America face mounting obstacles in their quests for higher education. Some have simply dropped out, as Ms. Macario did, while others are left scrambling to find housing and internet access amid campus closures and job losses.

The structural problems the US labour market will have down the track are surely enough to motivate greater financial support for poorer students.




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