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Holly Cheung

Maths And Computer Science Teacher

Qualifications :

B.A. (Cantab)

Subjects :

Mathematics, Computer Science

Holly graduated from the University of Cambridge with a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics. She then worked as a C# Analyst in London for almost two years before becoming a maths & computer science teacher. She has extensive experience tutoring students applying to G5 universities.

On becoming a teacher:

It all began when I did part-time tutoring while working in London. After working in different industries, I realised my true passion lies in academics - not only do I enjoy studying maths & computer science, but also being able to share my knowledge with others. It means everything to me seeing the student I work with securing offers from dream universities in their preferred subjects, or gaining appreciation towards subjects I’m also passionate about.

I’ve tutored students from various backgrounds & abilities and I always find the greatest joy seeing them improve, regardless of where they started. As a teacher, I make sure my students have something to take home after each lesson - I also tailor my teaching material to the need of each individual student to make the most out of limited lesson times. I believe a student’s progress is the best indicator of their teacher’s capabilities, and whether the teaching has been taken to heart.


Other interests that reflect on my personality as a teacher:

I enjoy playing board games a lot and am a firm believer of learning through play. I always make my lessons interesting and interactive, which I believe can both be helpful in developing students’ logical thinking, and also keep them motivated.

A person I find inspirational and why:

Leonhard Euler - I’ve been playing piano & violin since I was a kid, and I first knew about Euler through his contribution to music theory. Euler is the most prolific mathematician and has made discoveries that touch various aspects in our daily lives to this day, such as engineering and astronomy. I personally find maths to be a ubiquitous subject, and Euler has demonstrated this personally.

Also my Mathematical Biology supervisor at Cambridge is one of the most inspirational people I’ve met. She’s an old lady who embraces technology and teaches her lessons with an iPad. During lessons, she always explains how Mathematical Biology is important in many areas such as evolution, medicine and biotechnology. Since the outbreak of Covid, she has volunteered to help the government develop effective vaccinations. She has convinced me that maths can change the world, and I hope to spread the same positive energy to my students.

Top tip to younger self:

Don’t stop asking questions! Curiosity is always the biggest teacher.

Dulwich College Singapore

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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