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Matthew Weir

English Literature & Language Teacher

Qualifications :

L.L.B. (London)

Subjects :

English Literature

Matthew graduated from King’s College London with a Bachelor of Laws and went on to work in several law firms as an intern. While doing this, he taught English, Maths, and Mandarin to children aged 5 and up in community centres for several years. He is also a singer and aspiring musician working on his first release. As with many who are legally trained, his grasp of both modern English and older forms is exemplary and he brings a wealth of experience for a relatively young person to the ITS English Department.


On becoming a teacher:

Becoming a teacher was quite a natural next step for me as I always used to help my younger cousins with their homework. I found that “older brother” role to be really rewarding and there’s a unique sense of pride you feel when you help a student improve in any way you can. The personal investment you have in ensuring a student achieves their goals and the payoff of success is what makes teaching so enjoyable.


My other interests:

I’m a singer / songwriter with a background in theatre so expression through virtually any artistic medium has always interested me. I think my experience in theatre also gives me added insight into analysing plays and just generally looking at works from more creative angles.

I’ve always been a good communicator, which I think makes me more approachable when it comes to students raising any concerns. Being straightforward is also the key to writing clear and precise pieces of writing.


Some people I find admirable and inspirational:

In the field of law, Lord Bingham always commanded respect with how pragmatic his judgements were. Clear, precise, and reasonable, he wasn’t shy when it came to controversial issues.

In the field of music, great songwriters like Sir Paul McCartney, Hozier, and The Weeknd, all of whom have an innate ability to construct vivid imagery that somehow always strikes an emotional chord.

Christian Bale. His dedication to his craft is unparalleled and he always steals the show with his performances – regardless of the movie’s overall quality!


Top tip to younger self:

Breathe easy, there’s a lot to look forward to. Dreams are worth any sacrifice.

Dulwich College Singapore

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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