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Ruth Puentespina

Head Of Exams

Qualifications :


Subjects Taught :

Psychology, SAT/ACT

Ruth has a degree in Psychology and a teaching qualification for teaching English to other languages. At ITS, she teaches Psychology to IB and A-Level and SAT/ACT. She joined ITS in 2012 as a teacher and since then has taken on the roles of IGCSE Co-ordinator and Examinations Officer before becoming Head of Exams in 2021.

ruth2On becoming a teacher:  I became a teacher because I believe that this was the best way to help build a better future for the world. If kids learn in a nurturing, engaging environment suitable to their socio-cognitive needs, they will grow up to become happy, healthy, positive contributors to society. What I enjoy most about teaching Psychology is seeing students engage with it when they are able to see it in action in their own lives. I subscribe regularly to websites such as the BPS Digest to stay in the know with new studies in the various fields of Psychology, and have shared quite a few articles with students who have expressed interest in a particular study or behaviour. This sharing is something you don't always see in many professions. Education is a very collaborative environment.  The person I most admire in Psychology:  The person I admire most in Psychology is Dr Aaron T. Beck, who is considered the Father of Cognitive Therapy, mainly because he has been at the forefront of treatments focused mainly on helping patients help themselves by changing their mindset. This has been really effective in treating disorders such as clinical depression and anxiety which is what a many people go through at some point in their lives.

An inspirational person:  JK Rowling. She got through her depression by making her experiences of personal suffering into a story that she has been able to share with so many people, and has since changed the world.

Top tip to my younger self:  Make time for yourself, and remember to breathe.


Dulwich College Singapore

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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