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Sally Yang

Teacher Of Chinese

Qualifications :

PSC (National Putonghua Proficiency Test) - Level 1 - B Certificate in Putonghua Teaching Certificate in Putonghua Teaching Technique

Subjects :


Sally was born in mainland China and graduated from DaLian University in China.

She moved to Hong Kong in 2009. She has successfully completed the Certificate for Putonghua Trainers jointly offered by the School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University and the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Normal University in 2015.  She also took the Putonghua Proficiency Test and achieved First Class. She has been teaching Putonghua for around 6 years since 2015.  She teaches a wide range of Putonghua which including daily conversation, reading comprehension, Chinese phonetic alphabet recognition, effective speech communication and other related classes at the kindergarten to primary school level.


On becoming a teacher:

I became a teacher because I enjoyed teaching the most. Throughout my teaching career, I have taught a wide range of students.  With the increasing importance of China's network and international presence, the number of people learning Putonghua is increasing worldwide and it is becoming more of a requirement if not a necessity. Since my mother tongue is Putonghua, I am willing to help my students learn Putonghua and understand Chinese culture. 

I enjoy teaching because I love seeing the improvement of my students along with the growth and development of their personality and character. I am proud of my students that participate in Chinese choral speaking as they often win many awards. My students always come back to me and express their excitement and pride when they win these awards. In addition, I enjoy the fact that I can establish a rapport with my students, and they share their stories and personal experiences with me.


Other interests that reflect on my personality as a teacher:

I like cooking in my free time, and I always show pictures of my home cooked dished to my students in class. I feel that food is always a great way to find a common topics with my students and they are always very excited to see what new dishes that I have created over the weekend.


A person I find inspirational and why:

The person I admire most is Zhong Nanshan.  This 84-year-old man, at the moment of the spread of the new coronavirus, he first stood in front of the public, regardless of his safety, encouraging medical staff to fight with the virus. He epitomizes public service.


Top tip to younger self:

Believe in learning and love learning.  So far, it is still the best way for you to pursue progress and change your situation.

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Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

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