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Wesley Tucker

Biology And Chemistry Teacher

Qualifications :


Subjects :

General Science, Chemistry, Biology


Wesley’s bachelor degree was completed at the University of Massachusetts. This was in the Biochemistry program which included a mix of Biology and Chemistry courses, and some Physics and Math. Soon after graduation I worked at a biotech start-up called Genitope. I then applied for PhD studentships at HKU and eventually migrated to Hong Kong for their fellowship program in the Biochemistry department. Immediately after graduation from my doctorate with successful results, I took an obscure role as a consultant/investigator in a shipping industry consultancy. I then returned to research in Hong Kong academia for a while before changing gears to teaching in Hong Kong's thriving education industry, which will be my final resting place.

On becoming a teacher:

Teaching is foundational in the science world ecosystem - without it all the contributing scientists of the world would not have been supported on their way to success.  In addition, I believe we should all be grateful to live in a world where most educational systems require everyone to study sciences, which provides us with an indispensable understanding of the mechanisms that govern the world around us.  As such, teaching is meaningful work, and additionally it is very fun working with young people. One of the most enjoyable things is having an immersive conversation with the student, discussing the content slowly and steadily, and then later hearing them confidently articulate those concepts back to you. Of course, the very expressive students are the most fun.


Other interests that reflect on my personality as a teacher:

I am interested in the art of storytelling.  Even the most banal and straightforward things can become enjoyable to learn about if the information is delivered in an interesting, articulate, and creative way.  Teaching has similarities to storytelling and I try to think about my work in this context.


People I find admirable and inspirational:

In my field of study there are many prominent and well known scientists, present and past, and it would be hard to arbitrarily say one of them should be judged the highest. There is no one person who stands out as a particular inspiration to me because most of the scientists I have met over the years have impressed me. I can say that I surely admire the eccentric and unconventional culture that scientists sometimes have, and I'm grateful for all the many fascinating characters I've known or heard about. I have more admiration for the discipline at large than any particular figures.



Top tip to younger self:

Don't squander your time, not only in the sense of working hard, but also in choosing an active lifestyle that accomplishes things important to yourself and those around you.  Please start with learning Chinese.

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