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Alfie Francis

Website: www.zerofoodwastepackaging.org
Email: [email protected]

Zero Food Waste

About Me

My name is Alfred Francis, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. As I grew up, I was never inclined to care about the environment, nor did I pay much attention to what was happening around me. It all changed as I relocated to China and soon after Hong Kong where I first-hand witnessed the troubling reality of a polluted the world.

In Hong Kong, I have developed a heightened sense of awareness for things around me and have desired to pursue this project to try and change Hong Kong in a small way. After seeing the poorly maintained landfills around waste areas of Hong Kong, and people around me paying no attention to food waste, I knew I had to try and change something.

Project Description

According to the Hong Kong government, per capita annual household food waste is approximately 111kg compared to the average high income country amount of 79kg (UNEP). Zero Food Waste Packaging aims to reduce this amount by improving awareness of, and access to, composting. We provide background information about the science and practical elements of composting and its benefits leading to my call to action - compost your unavoidable food waste. We intend implementing a community-based collection system for food waste to facilitate delivery to composting facilities. Finally we will create a manual for others around the world to set up their own version.

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