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Alison Carless

Website: buddywiser.org
Email: [email protected]
Project: https://act4sdgs.org/map2020/

Buddy Wiser

About Me

I’m Alison, a F4 student from DGS. I enjoy doing extracurricular activities during my spare time, which include debating and singing in the choir. I’m also a Taekwondo black belt holder. I enjoy doing community service and have formed a strong bond with my buddy who has an intellectual disability through participating in the Best Buddies Movement.

In the future, I hope to study PPE at Oxford. I am interested in politics due to the fact that the political landscape changes every day, making it very fascinating. My ambition is to become a politician when I grow up.

Project Description

A few years ago when transitioning into secondary school, I started to spend more time studying as we had to learn more subjects. However, I noticed that no matter how much time I spent, my academic performance was still unsatisfactory. After speaking with my friends and family, I realised that I needed to use better learning techniques. I understood that only through better studying methods could I learn more efficiently and effectively. I felt that many young students didn’t know the importance of learning techniques, which prompted me to think that I wanted to teach such skills to others someday.

I was inspired to promote an inclusive society after attending the US-based Best Buddies Leadership Conference as one of the two Hong Kong representatives. Best Buddies is a non profit organisation that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The memorable sessions from speakers at the conference motivated me to want to make a positive impact in the society by helping those who are less fortunate. While privileged families in Hong Kong typically send their kids to tutorial centres, this is an opportunity that underprivileged children do not have. Therefore, I hope that through this project, I can teach these children to study more productively and give them the help that they need with schoolwork.

By implementing this project, I aspire to help children recognise the importance of effective learning techniques. Through experiencing individualised learning, it is hoped that they can get personal support and advice on their academic performance. I trust that this initiative will help underprivileged students to develop their potential and become lifelong independent learners.

This summer, we will run a pilot with a limited number of mentors and students through Zoom. In the long term, I intend to continue working on this project to reach out to more underprivileged students. I believe that Buddy wiser can change our society through providing quality education to underprivileged children and promote a more inclusive society to tackle poverty.

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