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Eva Li
Youth Cultural Messenger

Project Description

At Young Cultural Messenger ("YCM") Foundation, we believe that children are the very essence of the future. Who they are tomorrow is essentially the outcome of how they are raised and nurtured today.

YCM Foundation aims to create more convenient and interactive trips for international travelers. As there are more people traveling internationally nowadays, language barrier can make it hard for travelers to actually experience the native culture, and makes it difficult for travelers to meet their needs. There are also a lot of people who speak multiple languages that are willing to help, so YCM can meet the needs of travelers and people who are willing to help together to create better trips and create communication between people from different backgrounds. There is also going to have a language club every week for people who are interested in learning different languages to communicate.

Our goals are to shape the way they live their lives and teach them the fundamentals of social responsibility, healthy living and cultural acceptance.

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