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Creative Writing at ITS

By Andy

Writing inspiration can come from anywhere, including a quick game of “Clue,” as a group of primary students learned in our recently finished Intensive Creative Writing course at ITS.

“It was Mr. Brown, in the garden, with a dagger!” Now that they had the basic information for a murder mystery story, they were able to write a story with a catchy introduction (setting? character? action?), and a satisfying conclusion (reflective? happy? cliff hanger?).

Creative writing can be a bit intimidating for some students, but with the proper tools, and ways to approach a variety of writing genres, the possibilities for creativity are unlimited.

We looked at different genres of writing like comics, realistic fiction, adventure stories, scripts and mysteries, and how to plan, structure and make any story interesting and fun.

As a bonus, many of the strategies learned in the course, like planning your writing and basic ideas of structure, can be carried over to academic writing as well.

I am very proud of this course and was thrilled to be able to personally teach it to a group of fun, engaged and hard-working students.
We offer the course throughout the year during holidays and as a weekly course. Contact us for more details.

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