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Moving countries and moving homes is always tough for families. And especially when you have your children’s education to consider. It is one of the concerns parents lose sleep over – wondering how their children will cope with the change and the new school. Many expat families these days move multiple times so finding the right school is crucial for their smooth transition.

GEMS World Academy in Singapore (GWA) fully understands the concerns that parents go through in choosing the right school for their children when they move to Singapore. 

GWA is part of GEMS Education, the largest K-12 private education provider in the world, with a network of 60 schools across 15 countries.  GEMS educates more than 140,000 students representing 173 different nationalities, and employs over 13,000 education specialists and staff from over 115 countries.

Supporting New Students

At GWA Singapore, new students are welcomed into an international family atmosphere where kindness is embedded in the culture. A team of same age peers helps them acclimate to their new environment sharing responsibilities such as showing them around the school, including them in snack and lunchtime activities, clarifying instructions and expectations, and exposing them to extra-curricular activities. The ethos of the school is to nurture a child in the pursuit of excellence, lifelong learning and innovative thinking.



The Buddy System at GWA


New students have an opportunity to be a buddy to cross age peers which further strengthens the ties across the school. Teachers team up across grade levels so students can work together in their units of inquiry, build trans-disciplinary skills, read to one another, plan and celebrate special cultural events and assemblies, and share learning with iPads and technology.

In addition, a Community and Service initiative in the secondary school connects the oldest to the youngest as each secondary student is paired with an early year’s student to act as a mentor and role model in various subjects and activities.

Secondary year students practice leadership skills and build self-esteem as they assist teachers with arts, drama, and music, as well as with special presentations and celebrations like book week and Uniting Nations.

Bond between GWA and Parents


Both teachers and students come together in GWA’s world-class campus designed to inspire learning. Learning is not confined to the students alone and GWA works hand-in-hand with parents to get them pro-actively involved in ensuring their children’s success.

The parent interaction, coupled with a dedicated teaching faculty is always a win – win situation for children. We aim to ensure all our children’s talents are nurtured and developed. As a team, teachers do this by knowing the children very well and adapting and differentiating lessons to ensure all children have the opportunity to be challenged and supported. 

This is facilitated by investing time in really getting to know all students, by planning for the individual needs of the children, and by choosing themes and projects that excite and inspire children. Teachers ensure their students are on track by assessing their progress regularly, and reviewing their targets.


For children moving out of their familiar environment, GWA gives them a real sense of belonging. It also helps them grow into balanced and responsible citizens, with good core values and a genuine desire to do well in all that they do.

Learn more about GEMS World Academy (Singapore) at www.gwa.edu.sg

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