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IB Diploma students in Singapore celebrate exam results in organisation's 50th year

By ITS Education Asia


In the year that the International Baccalaureate (IB) celebrates its 50th anniversary, over 165,000 students from 2,799 schools across the world received their Diploma (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP) results. Almost 1,360 of these students were in Singapore. In Singapore a total of 24 local and international schools offer the IB Diploma. Around 1,360 students sat the IB Diploma examinations each May 2018. Schools with calendar academic year from January to December will sit the exam in November 2018.

The average diploma point score globally was 29.78 (of 45 possible maximum) but in Singapore, that average was significantly higher at 34.56


What is the International Baccalaureate Diploma?

The IB Diploma is an internationally recognised two-year pre-university course. To gain a full Diploma, students are required to study a minimum of six subjects (at least three at ‘Higher Level’) as well as complete the ‘DP Core’. The Core aims to broaden the students’ educational experience and provide opportunities for them to apply their knowledge and develop their skills, and is made up of three elements: a Theory of Knowledge course, a 4,000 word Extended Essay on a topic of their choice and completion of an individual CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project.

International Schools in Singapore celebrate their results

Gems World Academy: GEMS celebrated its first IB graduating cohort in July 2018 with an average score of 31.33. The school said that its graduates will study at universities across the UK, US and Canada, as well as specialist career-focused programmes in Europe like Ecole Hotelier Lausanne, Les Roches and the Savannah College of Arts and Design.

Stamford American International School: Students celebrated an 88% pass rate and an above average score of 32.3.  

Nexus International School: For an inclusive, non-selective school with a small cohort of 37 students, the school should be very proud of their students. They achieved an average score of 33 points. Four of the 37 students (11%) achieved 41 points, placing them in the top 5% globally and 25% of the Diplomas awarded were bilingual.

UWC South East Asia (UWCSEA’s) Dover and East: A total of 572 students (318 at Dover & 254 at East Campus) across two campuses achieved an average score of 36 points with a pass rate of 97.6. The comparison between both campuses is outlined as follows: 26.4% students at the Dover campus scored 40 points and above; and 27.6% at the East campus; 20.4% achieved the bilingual diploma at the Dover campus; and 28.3% at the East campus.

Global Indian Int’l School (GIIS)
Four students emerged world toppers with a perfect score of 45 points. This year’s cohort of students achieved impressive results, 38% scored more than 40 points, of which 4% students obtained a near perfect score of 44 grade points, 9% scored 43 grade points, 8% scored 42 grade points, 7% scored 41 grade points and 6% scored 40 grade points.


ISS International School

This year’s cohort of 44 students at the Preston campus celebrated a 100% pass rate and a high average score of 33.
NPS International School
Overall the average for this year’s cohort of students is 38.4 points. This resulted in a 0.5 increase from 2017. Two students scored a perfect 45/45 points and 45% of students scored 40 or more points and 81% scored 35 points and above.
Tanglin Trust School
This year at Tanglin Trust School the average score was 37.8 points and a quarter of the cohort scored 42 points or more. Impressively three students achieved the maximum 45 points which was a record for the score.

Dulwich College Singapore

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